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228 NW 60th St

Oklahoma City, OK 73118

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Bethany, OK

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Norman, OK

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Edmond, OK

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Tulsa, OK

Koda Iron View

Lafayette, CO

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  • Koda Native
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  • Koda Deer Creek
  • Koda Tulsa
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    Workout of the Day

    Saturday, September 26, 2020

    Koda OKC

    A) 15min Skill EMOM
    Min1: 3 Snatch Balance + 3 High Hang Power Snatch
    Min2: 3 Wall Walks (or 10m HS Walk)
    Min3: 12/12 DB Rows (HEAVY)
    B) For Time
    Run 800m (race pace)
    Row 2K/1600m
    Run 800m (race pace)
    AB 5/4K
    Run 800m (race pace)


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    Traveling Athletes!

    Due to COVID-19 we won't be accepting traveling drop-ins at this time.