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  • Adam Snapp

    If it’s bench day, you will find Adam Snapp doing his best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression while he moves impressive amounts of weight. Snapp is celebrating four years of being a Koda athlete, and he says that the Koda Community continues to be something he values in his life.

    Snapp has always been an athlete, though his focus has changed over the years. He ran Cross Country and played soccer in high school and continued with soccer into college. He also proudly proclaims his bro-atude, when he talks about all of the time he spent in commercial gyms as a growing athlete and into adulthood. Unlike many CrossFit athletes, Snapp did not leave the commercial gym life behind after becoming a fan of functional fitness. He actually includes both types of fitness during his weekly workouts now.

    CrossFit was not love at first sight for Snapp, when he first started at a different local box that has since closed, he was close to quitting altogether. A friend convinced him to give Koda CrossFit a try before he walked away from CrossFit entirely, and Snapp says he “immediately fell in love.”

    Even with his athletic background, Snapp says he felt intimidated by some of the Koda athletes. He remembers a group of guys working out in the middle rig, and they were using weight he knew to be above his maxes at the time. “I jumped into class, and found that it had good coaching, and was way more structured than what I was used to, which I liked, so I came back, “ says Snapp.

    Other than the structure and quality workouts, Snapp says the friendships he has formed keep him coming back. You’ll typically find him in the 4:30 PM class, because he enjoys the laid back attitude with a focus on both fitness and fun.

    When we talk about Snapp being a fan of bench press– that’s really an understatement. “I like bench press, dumbbell bench press, incline bench press, dumbbell incline bench press, floor press, chest flys, bench press with kettlebells, bench press with bands, bench press with a slingshot,” says Snapp. Even though there is a common theme with his favorite movements, he doesn’t shy away from a challenging workout with movements that were once a struggle. Snapp recalls not being able to do a double under to save his life, and it took about two years for them to click. Now he prefers them to single unders.

    When he is not working out Snapp loves to Hunt, like many other Koda Outdoorsmen, and spends most weekends September through April enjoying his hobby. Looking back at his time with Koda, Snapp says that he has noticed that he is in much better shape and stronger than before. He has noticed this remains true in spite of the fact that there is no specific strength goal outside of programing that he is looking forward to achieving.

    Koda is a place Snapp continues to enjoy for its community and ability to be a dependable stress release. “I’d says Koda is everything you want in a fitness community…It’s got great programming and great coaches,” says Snapp. Thank you Adam for growing with us, and being a part of what makes the Koda community whole.



    -Mireya Garcia