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  • Amanda Martin

    You know that little girl who is obsessed with horses? That was Amanda Martin. During her younger years, she rode horses competitively. Now she is riding the heck out of the rowers at Koda CrossFit, showing up both men and women in the gym as one of the fastest rowers at HQ.  The savvy communications and marketing professional, local lifestyle blogger, and CrossFit athlete is celebrating four years as part of the Koda family.

    Before CrossFit, Amanda did a lot of running, which she hated, and some yoga, which she enjoyed. It was her now husband (then boyfriend) Cole Martin who first introduced her to Koda. In true CrossFit fashion, he and then roommate, Ryan Doonkeen, just “wouldn’t shut-up about it”. Amanda went as a spectator to The Fittest Games in Austin, Texas. She was in awe of the competitors. Watching the athletes lit a fire in her that pushed Amanda to give CrossFit a try.

    “My first day at Koda I remember Jared making fun of Cole for bringing a date to class. Typical Jared,” says Amanda of co-owner Jared Muse’s laid-back style. She doesn’t remember the exact workout, but can’t forget the kettle bells and backwards jump rope movements that gave her a bit of trouble. The third movement that first day, was the rower. “Someone commented that I would probably be good at rowing because I was tall and broad shouldered, and it offended me,” says Amanda.  She laughs now because they were right. That is a skill she is proud of to this day.

    You will find Amanda at the 6 pm class most days. She enjoys co-owner Jared’s fun approach to coaching and is continually motivated by the results she sees. For Amanda, regular class attendance means obvious improvement in her strength, endurance, body composition, and overall health. Competitions have also been a regular part of Amanda’s CrossFit journey. Her most memorable workout is from the Koda First Timer’s competition which was ten rope jumps and ten Cleans, back and forth for 8 minutes. Each round the Clean weight increased with a max weight of 123—her one rep max at the time. After an exhausting workout, Amanda got to that final weight and hit 8 reps at that weight until the clock finally hit zero. “That will forever and always be my favorite workout to retest – last time I did it, I got about 20 reps,” says Amanda. It was then that Cleans became her favorite lift. Now, her all-time best lift is 180 pounds.

    Her Clean max will always be a point of pride, but her proudest Koda moment is her 500m row time. Amanda had the fastest time on the Koda board, and was able to make the Cupid’s Revenge podium for her performance on a 500m row time trial too. “Not much makes you feel as terrible as a true 500m row time trial. You’re on the floor, rolling around in pain, not able to see straight. However, the satisfaction it brings me to know I gave it my all and succeeded makes it worth it every time,” says Amanda.

    When she is not at Koda, Amanda enjoys spoiling her two beautiful dogs Chloe and Kylo, traveling, photography, and working on her lifestyle blog — Amanda’s OK. You might have noticed Amanda was missing from Koda for some time.  That is because she decided to undergo surgery after a shoulder injury that was limiting her ability to perform movements as prescribed, and causing her to lose motivation and drive.

    After months of recovery, she is back and is excited by her fresh outlook and new-found motivation. For the coming year she plans to work on becoming faster, stronger, and an all-around better athlete than before.  Thank you, Amanda, for being a part of the Koda family and for making the gym look very cool when it is time to row.


    -Mireya Garcia