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  • Andi Atkinson

    Andi Atkinson is a certified B.A. and we aren’t talking about a bachelor of arts. She is an attorney by trade, and a perfect example of what makes the Koda community so memorable.

    She is celebrating her four year Kodaversary, and in that short amount of time she has surpassed her own expectations and made Koda proud.

    When asked about her athletic background as a child, Andi says she does have a letterman jacket, but it’s in debate. She didn’t run a mile until she was 24-years-old, and decided to join the Army Reserves. Her fitness journey started there, and expanded into more running, yoga, and dumbbell classes. Life took a bit of a turn, and working through it is what brought Andi to Koda for the first time:

    “I started CrossFit in the midst of my divorce from my high school sweetheart. I didn’t want to end things but I knew I had to; I was so sad and defeated. My life wasn’t turning out as I planned and I was just kind of stuck and down on myself. One day I decided, ‘Well if I can’t be strong on the inside, I’m going to get strong as shit on the outside,’ ” says Andi.

    With time and work, that plan to focus on that exterior strength made her stronger on the inside too.

    Andi remembers her very first time at Koda, perhaps better than most. She started the first Saturday of August and says, “Gina was my partner and I remember her telling me ‘This is your first day of CrossFit. This is like my thousandth; don’t worry if you can’t keep up.’  I’m competitive so I (stupidly) took it as a challenge.” After class she walked directly to the front desk and gave Mai Muse her card information. That first day was transformative, and she knew she needed to commit that same day, and hasn’t looked back since.

    “I love the support I get from my classmates and coaches. No matter what my goal is (get stronger, run faster, learn a new skill, etc.) the people at Koda are there to give encouragement and helpful tips,” says Andi.

    Over the past four years, there are many memorable moments, and one of them happened in this year’s Open. She completed a 188# clean during 18.2a, and it was somewhat accidental. She had miscalculated the weight on the bar and when her judge told her she’d beaten her previous score by 2 pounds, there were happy tears. Learning unbroken double unders is another major accomplishment. It took about six months to learn, a single-double-single-double pattern, and then about a year to break that pattern. “I remember doing Annie without scaling the first time. “It took me FOREVER, like 10 minutes, but I was proud of myself for doing the hard things,” says Andi.

    For the coming year, Andi is excited to start working on more complicated gymnastic skills, do another powerlifting competition, and maybe run the OKC marathon half. “I did really well in powerlifting two years ago, but took a break. I think it’s time for a return to the singlet life. And I’ve been promising my mom that I would run a half marathon with her for years, and I can’t put it off for much longer,” says Andi. Now that it’s written down here, there is no getting out of it.

    Andi sees Koda as a place to make friends, and exceed your own expectations, but that doesn’t happen without hard work. Andi, you put in the time and unyielding effort, with positivity and friendship for your fellow Koda athletes. Thank you for being a shining example of the Koda community.


    -Mireya Garcia