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  • Angie Bowers

    Angie Bowers is a pro at modesty. She’ll tell you before CrossFit she was skinny and not very strong, but she was an athlete, playing softball, volleyball, and all sorts of intramural sports, all through childhood and college. She can also do pull-ups, handstand push-ups, and freestanding handstands.
    She’ll also tell you she has no desire to participate in a CrossFit competition, but she’s pretty sure she will probably participate in “Cupid’s Revenge” next year, and it was her very competitiveness that brought her into the Koda fold in the first place. What can we say? CrossFitters are complicated people. This year we celebrate the four-year Kodaversary of this tough athlete, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have her in the Koda family.

    To rewind a step, how Angie came to be a member is a revealing story. Her husband has been a long time member with Koda as well, and before she joined, she would listen patiently to his recounting of the day’s workout, thinking all the while how little she was interested in participating. Even her children joined in for Kids’ CrossFit. Dropping her children off one day, she saw a member had brought her mother. “Seeing this woman who was at least 35 years older than me doing it lit my competitive fire. I thought, ‘oh hell no, if this lady can do it, and seemed excited about being there, surely I can eke my
    way through this.” And thus, the legend was born.

    Angie hit the workouts hard from the get-go. She recalled several of those early workouts really taking the wind out of her. One, in particular, “We were doing sled pulls…Jared was coaching, I think, but Chad was there, just hanging around, like he’s known to do. It was the last pull, and I had taken a weight
    off, because I couldn’t even run at the end. It was a slow, painful to watch, grind. Chad saw me take the weight off and told me that I had better bring it if I was taking weights off. Jared then came down the line putting more weights on. Chad just looked at me and said, ‘just try to get down there and back’. So I did.” That’s how Angie rolls. She comes in, and gets the job done.

    By her own admission, the desire to come in and work hard is one of the things that keeps her coming back. “I just like the constantly varied workouts, I love the people, and I love the [encouragement] from the coaches. I need that fear of being shamed from stopping mid-workout to keep me going. I also like getting stronger and faster.” Community is big in Angie’s book. When not at Koda or work, Angie enjoys spending time with her neighborhood friends, and, especially, spending time with her girls.

    It is clear how her children inspire her to be the best version of herself. Says Angie, “I want to be a strong 40 year old, which hopefully will lead to a strong 50 year old. And I want my girls to see the women at the gym and me as having a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body image, rather than trying to achieve a ‘thigh gap’.” Koda is lucky to have such a strong, confident woman to inspire us and our members too, and for that we say thank you, Angie.

    -Nick Piche