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  • Ashley Williams

    There is a beauty in strength, and that is something Ashley Williams embraces wholeheartedly. She is celebrating four years of becoming stronger and athletic in different ways at Koda CrossFit. Ashley ran cross country in high school and at the college level. After graduation, her passion for running continued and she began training for half and full marathons. Unfortunately, an injury meant she needed to think about what else she would enjoy doing to continue exercising. It was fellow Koda athlete and Koda coach Anthony Robb who suggested Ashley give CrossFit a try.

    Her first day was a tough one, and that is common for many members. Ashley says the movements at CrossFit differ greatly from her long distance training. She did have the opportunity to start with the onboarding class, and that made her transition easier. She was struck by how supportive everyone was right away, and in all her time at Koda that community support has not waned.

    “I keep coming back because of the class atmosphere. I like that you have coaches pushing you and you are not able to give up or quit,” says Ashley.
    Her athletic confidence has grown during her four years at Koda. Ashley’s favorite time of year is Open Season because it is a regular opportunity to be thrust outside of her comfort zone. In one especially memorable moment last year, Ashley realized she was feeling more comfortable performing overhead squats after needing to do so many of them. That same Open year, she was able to complete several kipping pull-ups.

    More than a year later, Ashley is thrilled to be able to string more than one kipping pull-up together at a time. “That movement is not easy for me, and took me a lot longer than I care to admit, so finally accomplishing it made me feel like I wasn’t completely terrible at CrossFit,” says Ashley. She is also proud of hitting 300 lbs on a deadlift, her strongest movement. When she is not pulling impressive amounts of weight from the ground, Ashley is capturing beautiful photographs and developing content for her popular lifestyle blog, Sass and Satin.

    For her fifth year at Koda CrossFit, Ashley plans to be more consistent about attending class, and will be working on her double-unders, so she will be able to accomplish and become more comfortable with the movement. We know you got this Ashley! Thank you for being a part of what makes the Koda Community a kind and supportive place.

    -Mireya Garcia