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  • Bart Terrell

    Bart Terrell knows about fitness. He has he worked his way onto the competition floor of a couple of men’s physique competitions– so we guess he knows about little board shorts and spray tans too. After those physique competitions, he was ready to take on a different challenge through CrossFit. Now, he is celebrating four years at his fitness home, Koda CrossFit.

    Bart did not start his CrossFit journey at Koda, but says that friends, family, and the excessive use of the color purple lead him to come to Koda. Bart was a dedicated member of the Koda Athlete class through its entire run, and it made him appreciate developing good form and being aware of movement patterns. His favorite movements are heavy thrusters, heavy deadlifts, and heavy squats– see a pattern there? Let’s not talk about Olympic lifts, though, except to say that Bart thinks they can suck it.

    Outside of the gym Bart enjoys family time and still making an appearance at the globo gym to work on his guns. At Koda, you’ll often find Bart in any class coached by Chad Hamilton or Jared Muse. He enjoys how serious they are– even if it’s about different things. “Chad is super serious about form and strict movement patterns and Jared is serious about making class fun,” says Bart.

    A goal oriented athlete, Bart likes knowing that Brice Collier has thought out and written Koda programming in advance for 8, 9, or 10 week cycles. Dedicated work during different cycles allowed him to reach weightlifting accomplishments, including a 425-pound squat, and a 500-pound deadlift for multiple reps. He has also overcome a bicep injury and is stronger than before. Double-Unders took him some three years to be able to do consistently, but now it’s done.

    This upcoming year Bart plans on keeping up the fun he experiences every time he sets foot in Koda CrossFit, but he is going to mix it up a little by doing more metcons. Expect to see him giving it his all during The Lion workout– a workout that holds special significance to Bart because he knows what it
    means for co-owner Brice Collier– and he is always willing to show fellow Kodites how to perform a good curl and make those muscles really pop for the judges.

    Thank you Bart Terrell for being a motivating part of the Koda CrossFit community.

    -Mireya Garcia