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  • Bella Trachtenberg

    Bella Trachtenberg is an athlete, community advocate, and Archie’s best buddy. She is also celebrating her four-year Kodaversary.

    Bella first started attending a gym to supplement her school sports training, and then she made her way to Koda. She was certainly one of the younger members, but as driven as anyone working out on the floor. “I remember both of my parents driving me and signing the waiver because I was in the 5th grade. I was too short to reach the rig, so when we were warming-up I couldn’t put the band on the rig and I refused to let anyone help me,” says Bella.

    Her home class is in the early afternoon, and she would go everyday after school from 5th to 8th grade. There she became great friends with Mai Muse, co-owner of Koda. Later, Bella bounced around classes as life got busier, but the feeling of community no matter the class she attends. “Even being an awkward 10-year-old, I was always welcomed and treated with respect. In the toughest part of my life, it was the Koda community and coaches that were there for me unconditionally,” says Bella.

    Bella says she became interested in CrossFit after reading a book called “Inside the Box.” She tried a scaled version of Fran on her own and she was hooked. That makes Fran, Bella’s favorite work out—bet you don’t hear that every day.

    For Bella, Olympic lifts are the most rewarding movements. She recalls spending Saturdays with coach Solange and working on each piece of a lift understanding that breaking it down is the way to get it right. “The rush of endorphins after a PR is something I haven’t found anywhere else,” says Bella.

    When she isn’t working out at Koda, Bella maintains an active lifestyle. She enjoys backpacking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. Outdoor sports make her feel happy, and training at Koda makes Bella feel like she can get the most of her favorite sports.

    Life is changing fast for Bella; she just graduated high school and will be moving to college soon. She isn’t leaving her team, though, because once Bella makes the move to college student, she will join Koda Iron View in Colorado. She looks forward to the relatively quick drive from her dorm room and plans to focus on gymnastics movements over the next year.

    “Koda has been monumental in my happiness. The exercise part plays a large role in my mental health and the atmosphere gives me something to be a part of that is bigger than just myself,” says Bella.

    Thank you for being part of the Koda community Bella. It has been a joy to watch you grow as a person and an athlete. We are excited for you to expand your education in Colorado along with your health and fitness at Koda Iron View.

    -Mireya Garcia