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  • Brett Marchbanks

    Brett Marchbanks has been a Crossfitter for about 6 years, and Koda has been lucky to have him for the last 4 of those. Though he was a high school athlete, playing football, baseball, track, and basketball, Brett says after he graduated fitness became a less important part of his life. When his son was born in 2011, however, Brett recounts how he felt motivated to take care of his health again. “I
    knew how important it was to get in shape and to be able to be the best version of myself for him,” says Brett. He now enjoys his fitness by going on fun family activities with his wife and son.

    Brett joined the Koda family early, having trained with co-owners Jared Muse and Brice Collier before Koda’s founding. Though an ACL injury kept him out of the gym for nearly a year, he says, “Once I heard Jared and Brice were opening their own gym, I knew I would follow them.” Since then, he’s exceeded his expectations for himself in the Crossfit Open, he’s placed third in the Koda First Timer’s Open, mastered double-unders (which has had the added bonus of removing a joke from Jared’s repertoire), learned muscle-ups, and increased the number of classes per week he attends. The determination with which he’s attacked his goals is on display each day, whether he’s hitting a daily noon class or PRing the traditional Memorial Day Murph workout.

    As he points out, “What we do in the gym is hard. If you didn’t keep it fun as well, it would be hard to keep that motivation to come back each day.” He cites the camaraderie, friendship, and competition between athletes and coaches as being a big motivator for his continued dedication. “Koda is all about the people for me… We all push each other to be better and cheer each other’s achievements,” says Brett.

    Brett is excited for the Crossfit Open, which is his favorite time of year at Koda, and will continue to have fun and intense workouts with his fellow fit friends.

    -Nick Piche