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  • Brian Eagleston

    Koda means friend, and it’s exactly because of a friend that Brian Eagleston found himself standing at Koda HQ feeling pretty awkward. That awkward feeling quickly evaporated after he was knocked down by the misery that comes after way too many wall ball shots. That was four years ago, and now Brian is celebrating his Kodaversary at the place he now describes as a little piece of Heaven on Earth.

    Brian has always had an adventurous spirit and a deep well of energy. As a child he played baseball, wrestling, basketball, and, perhaps most impressively, BMX. FYI, Brian was good at BMX. He was once the reigning Grand National Champion of the 10X division, or as Brian put it, it “just meant I beat all the other 10-year-old’s ass(es) in the world.” In high school, he continued to keep busy with golf, more wrestling, more baseball, track, and football.

    Friend Michael Hollman had worked hard on his fitness, and Brian wanted to know his secret. Turns out Michael was working out at Koda, and Brian wanted in. He specifically remembers his second day at Koda meeting a tall guy named Joey and having to do 150 wall ball shots for time. That. Was. Tough. Four years later, Brian frequents the early afternoon classes. He enjoys the vibe of the classes at that time of day, and there are other perks too. “I also normally get a chance to beat Chad or Jared in some Koda Trick Shot before these classes,” says Brian.

    When Brian is not at Koda, he still enjoys staying active through wakeboarding, waterskiing, winter sports, and mountain biking. If he wants to take it easy, a long walk through nature can bring him some peace. What doesn’t bring him peace? That would be double unders and thrusters. These are some of his least favorite movements. Still, Brian will make the best of any workout because he likes the way he feels both mentally and physically after spending just one hour with the Koda community.

    Recently, Brian has started doing bar and ring muscle-ups. He is excited about the gains he has made and wishes he had attempted some of these complicated moves sooner. Perhaps it is a lesson he can take with him, as he starts his fifth year with Koda. Brian is planning on doing his first CrossFit competition in the coming year: Koda’s First Timer’s Open. We are excited for you Brian, and the Koda community will be there to cheer you on to (scaled division) glory.

    -Mireya Garcia