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  • Caleb Chrismon

    In some ways CrossFit is an individual sport because you are responsible for yourself and get better competing against yourself, but in some very important ways there is forever a team feeling to this sport. We suffer together, we wait for the last person on the floor, we succeed as a box. After more than four years with Koda, Caleb Chrismon says one of the primary reasons he loves CrossFit is because of its parallels to the military. “The workouts suck, but they build a team,” says Caleb. ​

    Caleb spent eight years in the Marines, four of those years in active duty, and spent time in the Middle East. He went inactive in 2010 and currently works for the government. Originally from Cyril, OK, Caleb is a farm boy who grew up on 85 acres, and says he sometimes misses the lack of people and the open spaces. When not working or at Koda, Caleb enjoys hunting, fishing, and “raising humans” with his wife, Tara.

    Caleb remembers first watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN at Alfredo’s restaurant. When he first saw co-owner Mai Muse and fellow member Gina Dunseith running the McNellie’s Pub Challenge in their Koda gear, he wanted to join the team. Though he was familiar with functional movements because of his career in the military, concentrated CrossFit training allowed him to make improvements in Olympic lifts. ​

    As he improved, Caleb caught the competitive itch and participated in several competitions his first four years at Koda. He enjoys the feeling of doing well in a competition, but knows that there is always the chance you will be reminded of your weaknesses. After all, not doing the way one expects in a competition is, perhaps, the most in your face reminder that we are never done improving as CrossFit athletes. ​

    He admires that each coach brings something different to the table: co-owner Jared Muse and Coach Natalie Pulgini make the workouts fun, Coach Chad Hamilton pays special attention to technique, and Coach Tre Benefield builds endurance. He credits all the coaches in helping him improve in his overall strength, and become a more well-rounded athlete.

    -Mireya Garcia​