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  • Carson Cunningham

    Koda is celebrating the four year kodaversary of TV-man, photoshop expert, and recreational exerciser extraordinaire, our resident sportscaster, Carson Cunningham! While Carson can
    reliably be found on the Channel 5 evening news and at the Koda noon class, the best way to give you a sense of the man is through his own words.

    We asked him what keeps him motivated to keep coming back, week after week, workout after workout, to which he replied, “It reminds me so much of grueling high school practices where the coach would run us to exhaustion. The ones where you reach a breaking point. Each class I reach that breaking point where I say to myself, “There’s no possible way I can keep going.” Yet, fighting through those thoughts and finishing the class is truly a rewarding experience. I’m addicted to that feeling.” That ethic exemplifies one of the noblest values Koda, as a gym, and CrossFit, as a whole hopes to engender, and that’s what Carson brings to the table every day.

    ​Carson developed his work ethic and athleticism over more than 10 years of soccer, in club and high school play. But after starting college at OSU and putting up the cleats and shin-guards, Carson says he put on the infamous “freshman 15” and realized that he now needed to deliberately seek out exercise. Unfortunately for Carson, he found his new regimen unfulfilling. At the persistent urging of a friend, Carson decided to give CrossFit a try.

    ​Carson remembers that first day vividly. He describes sitting in the car for 10 minutes, watching current Koda members working out in the parking lot at the height of summer, and trying to summon the courage to walk in. “Once I dodged all of the barbells and people running a 400, I was greeted, kindly, by Chad Hamilton. Chad was so thorough (is he anything but?) and accommodating. I felt like I was home before I took a single class.” He also lauds co-owner Jared Muse: “He makes everyone feel at home and eases the tension of newbies. The reason Koda is so successful is the
    ownership.” Recounting a workout from those early days, Carson says, “In my second week we did Fran. I could only do strict pull-ups and I remember getting to the 18-minute mark and Jared told me to quit and go lay down. I did.”

    Whether that merciful recommendation from Muse biased Carson’s opinion of him for the better, we will, perhaps, never know for certain, but we do know that Carson kept at it, and I’m reliably told that Carson has improved his Fran time over the past 4 years. In fact, Carson has improved many things over the past 4 years: He’s regained his fitness, he’s mastered the elusive double-unders, he’s gotten stronger, and this coming year Carson says he wants to participate in the “RX” division in the CrossFit Open, avoid injury, and get his first ring muscle-up. Koda is grateful to have a hand in helping Carson to achieve his goals, but Koda is also grateful to Carson for how he contributes to Koda. The dedication, the attitude, and the ethic that he brings every day into the gym that helps to positively shape the gym into the kind of place Koda strives to be, and for that, we not only celebrate Carson’s Kodaversary, but thank him for being a part of the family.

    -Nick Piche