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  • Cole Martin

    Cole Martin and his wife Amanda are staples of the 6pm crew. I mean, it seems like Cole has been coming here forever. Around 4 years? Actually 4 years! Happy four-year Kodaversary, Cole! We’d like to celebrate the stubbly half of the Martin power couple by sharing some stories about Cole. ​

    ​The first thing I’ll note is that Cole is as modest as he is charming. He’s not eager to advertise his fitness and athleticism, but that’s okay because we will! Cole will only say he’s done a lot of running and a little bit of basketball, but for those of us who have tried (and often failed) to match him in a WOD know that he’s hard to keep up with. In his very first CrossFit competition, Koda’s “First-Timer’s”, no less, he finished second against a very competitive field. ​

    ​It’s probably not too surprising that Cole entered the CrossFit scene with a high level of fitness. He was brought on board by a former Koda Endurance Coach, as a matter of fact! One of the earliest workouts Cole remembers, though, was a challenge. “I remember showing up to do the filthy fifty in like my first
    or second week. It was a long workout so I thought I could just smoke everyone because I thought I had good endurance. I think it took me 45 minutes because I did the first 2 movements as fast as I possibly could.” Live and learn, as they say. ​

    ​Cole has certainly learned. Though he states a mild interest in perhaps trying out a morning class, he currently holds it down at the 6 O’clock Koda class, after work. Each day he pushes himself and his workout comrades, and he makes it a more fun place to be. He says he likes the 6pm because of coach
    and co-owner Jared Muse’s humor and style, and he cites the variety and intensity as the reasons that keep him coming back to Koda. “It’s a great place to keep motivated with programming that is varied from week to week with people that will push you through each movement.” ​

    ​As a man who values his free time, when he and his wife aren’t making the rest of us look unfit at the 6pm class, Cole likes relaxing, drinking beers with his wife and dogs on a patio somewhere. ​​At Koda we appreciate that he chooses to spend some of that time with us, pushing himself and those around him to be better and bringing a charm and ease with him that make it a pleasure to be there.

    Thank you, Cole. ​

    -Nick Piche