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  • Conner Raphael

    Conner Jones, or as you might know her now, Conner Raphael, is celebrating her four-year Kodaversary.

    A few years ago, Conner had seen Koda on social media and wanted to try it out. She had just graduated from nursing school with Courtney Bridges, and knew Courtney went to Koda. So, they met at the 4:30 pm class in August of 2017, and she has never looked back.

    “My first day was full of energy, a lot of smiles, and friendly faces,” says Conner. She found herself feeling comfortable at Koda early on. She never felt lost because someone was always there to help her find what she needed. Conner says she also appreciated the coaches and the way they explained each movement thoroughly.

    Early on, Conner started as a Koda athlete with the 5am class. After a few years, she switched jobs and was unable to make it to the 5am anymore. You’d normally find her in the 11:30 am class, and she absolutely loved it! Not only did she enjoy the work outs and coaching, she loved the attitude of her fellow athletes in class. “One thing I love about Koda is that you can give someone a hard time, joke around just like they are family,” says Conner.

    The people and coaches had Conner coming back each week. She saw everyone making connections by motivating, encouraging, being friendly, and caring for each other. “Whether you need a partner for a workout or a friend to talk to about something going on in your life – you can always find that here at Koda,” says Conner.

    One particularly memorable moment was her first competition – KO IN THE OK. “It was the best experience and so much fun. We podiumed and received 3rd place in our division!” says Conner. Even with a podium finish and a competitive spirit, while we are working out or fighting to achieve a goal, it can be difficult to see how far we have come. That is true for Conner, who says she sometimes thinks she hasn’t gone very far – but when she looks back at where she started, it’s easy to see that her strength, agility, and cardiovascular strength have all improved drastically. Now, Conner hopes to challenge herself by focusing on more difficult movements with the simple, but effective plan of putting her head down and just doing the work.

    It’s not all barbells and burpees for Conner. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and family, reading fictional novels, running, playing with her fur babies, and volunteering at the Humane Society.

    The next year will look a bit different for Conner. She and her husband just made the move to Kansas. Her days remain busy with a couple 12 hours shifts at the hospital, 2-3 days of Nurse Practitioner clinical rotations, and the other days filled with studying and catching up. Koda is not entirely a closed chapter for Conner, though. She looks forward to visiting her Koda family while improving her fitness from afar.

    Life may take us in many different directions, but the Koda community leaves its mark in far more ways than getting you ready for lake season. Really, Conner says it best herself:

    “Koda is home. Koda is family. Koda is a friend that you can always rely on when in need. It’s the best community and I am so happy that I joined 4 years ago. I know I no longer live in OKC, but Koda will always be home to me.”

    Thank you, Conner, for being our friend.


    -Mireya Garcia