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  • Daniel Laakman

    Dan describes his perfect day as one spent with his family, woodworking, stunting, Nintendo, watching OU football, and crossfitting at Koda. If that sounds like a lot, it will only surprise you if you don’t know what a busy man Dan is. He is currently working on his Master’s to become a Nurse Practitioner, he works, he does clinical hours, comes to Koda, and, of course, spends time with his wife
    and baby girl. Perhaps even more so because of his incredibly busy schedule, we’re happy not only to see Dan regularly, but to celebrate his four year Kodaversary with us.

    ​Dan’s background is collegiate cheerleading, for both the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma City University. It was at OCU where he met his future wife, Virginia. He tells the story of working out with the strength trainers at OU. “I remember loading the leg press machine with all the weight it could carry and feeling pretty good about myself being able to lift it, until one of the coaches came by and told
    us Adrian Peterson could do the same thing with one leg,” says Dan. His inability to best a professional athlete in a leg-pressing competition notwithstanding, Dan is a great athlete.

    ​ He says he first became interested in Crossfit after hearing about it while at a wedding then subsequently watching the 2012 CrossFit games. He talked to a current crossfitter (now a fellow Kodite) and decided to give it a try. That very first year Dan would go on to win Koda’s “First-Timer’s” competition.

    ​Dan talks about those early days with enthusiasm. “I remember how great it was to see my name on the leaderboard for the different workouts…we used to put our times on the board for each day…I would always compare myself and try to beat people who had already gone.” Though that early motivation may not be as important to Dan these days, he still makes it a point to show up and work hard. “I just feel better when I come to class. And everyone has been so accommodating even when I bring my baby and she becomes a fuss nugget,” says Dan.

    ​It’s that type of community feeling that makes Koda special for him. “Koda is a great place to grow as a person and a community. It’s for everybody. I’ve learned so much about myself and developed so many relationships that would not have been possible otherwise,” says Dan. And he has certainly had a hand in growing that community.

    -Nick Piche