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  • Denise Winn

    Denise is celebrating her four year Kodaversary, marking her as one of the longest standing members of the gym, but she is a relative late-comer to the world of fitness. According to Denise, since the end of her cheerleading days in college, she didn’t work out until she turned 47! She says it was family that brought her to CrossFit.

    ​Denise had begun exercising and had lost weight, but she became bored with her routine. Her daughter, Lisa, had begun dating Chad Hamilton, Koda Coach and the man responsible for our professional photos, and she convinced Denise to give CrossFit a try. She says she fell in
    love with the new regimen, and so she joined her family at Koda.

    ​If you thought based on her late start that she’s not competitive, you would be wrong. Denise not only competes; she wins. She has stood on every spot on the podium, including the top, in the Fittest in OK CrossFit competition 3 years in a row. This coming year, she still has her sights set on mastery of new movements, including double-unders, butterfly pull-ups, and even muscle-ups.

    ​Despite all this, however, Denise says it’s her family which she values most of all, and she makes time with them her priority. She says she chose her preferred workout time, 5:30 am, so that she can be sure to have time to spend with her granddaughter after work. She loves
    spending time with her husband and planning vacations that include “all the kids.” ​Koda means friend, but Denise is family and makes the Koda family better by her example. She truly shows that fitness and fun make no excuses and have no expiration date.

    -Nick Piche