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  • Dylan Stewart

    Dylan Stewart had some fun with soccer and golf a few years back, but saw it more as a chance to socialize, and less as an athletic pursuit. He was familiar with the basics of weightlifting, but after moving to Oklahoma City from a small Oklahoma town, he was ready to try something new. A friend first talked to him about Koda CrossFit, and Dylan decided it was worth a try. Now, he is celebrating four years as a part of the Koda community. 

    He remembers his first day at Koda as a humbling experience. He remembers walking in, and thinking, “this isn’t too tough,” but then quickly finding out all that work he was doing was just part of the daily warm-up. He gave it his best, but was unable to finish his first work-out. 

    Dylan’s four years with Koda have been more than a time to get fit. Being a part of Koda provided him some comfort during a difficult time in his life. His most memorable work out is Volkswagen. It was the fundraiser workout his community put together after a house fire took away everything he owned. 

    “The fire was the most stressful thing I have ever experienced, and I was completely overwhelmed by the love and support from the members at Koda,” says Dylan. 

    Dylan is comfortable in the challenge provided by Koda’s daily workouts, and has a special appreciation for developing his strength with solid body movements. He learned to become stronger by focusing on maintaining a solid foundation and efficient body movements in one of Koda’s specialty classes. Dylan likes to take a break from his chaotic and complicated daily schedule when he steps into the box, and says he will continue to use the tools Koda’s coaches have given him to reach his goal of continuing to get stronger. He fondly remembers stepping into the gym early on and hitting 250 pound on his deadlift. It took three years of work, and now his deadlift is sitting at over 400 pounds. Dylan’s new deadlift PR is a perfect example of how an hour of hard work with the Koda community can change your life. His next year at Koda will be a new and exciting adventure. Dylan will continue to use CrossFit as a tool to relieve stress and become a fitter and healthier version of himself, but this time he will be doing it as a first time father. Dylan and his wife Breann are welcoming their son in 2017. 

    -Mireya Garcia