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  • Elizabeth Rathgeber

    Elizabeth Rathgeber loves a challenge, from building the strength to perform strict handstand pushups to holding a beer stein for extended periods of time, and she credits Koda for helping her get to both of those. Elizabeth is celebrating her four year Kodaversary, and we are happy to celebrate her accomplishments.

    She was one of those cool marching band kids way back when, and kept fit while in college with your standard cardio and light weightlifting routine. The sharp turn came during a summer internship in pharmacy school when Elizabeth decided to try Olympic Weightlifting—then enter CrossFit.

    “I heard CrossFit included aspects of Oly mixed with cardio and bodyweight movements…I wanted a healthy outlet from pharmacy school stress relief,” says Elizabeth.

    Her first class included one of CrossFit’s notoriously mentally challenging workouts, Grace. It was a memorable day—co-owner Mai Muse was her partner, and she cheered Elizabeth on during what had to have been five minutes of struggle with 53 pound clean and jerks for thirty reps. Co-owner Jared Muse jokingly says he thought she’d never come back, but of course Elizabeth did, and she is a stronger and more capable version of herself for it.

    One of Elizabeth’s most memorable workouts happened during her first CrossFit Open. Workout 13.4 involved a combination of 95 pound clean and jerks and toes to bar in 7 minutes. She stepped toward the bar knowing 95 pounds was her 1 rep max in the lift. Determination and proper form lead to great things during that work out. Elizabeth managed to hit the weight multiple times, and even made it well into the third round. It was something she was proud of—she posted the scorecard on her fridge for over a year as a reminder of what she is capable of accomplishing.

    It is the curiosity of what more she could do, that keeps her motivated to return to classes. From not being actively involved in athletics, to being able to complete strict handstand push-ups and pull-ups doesn’t happen without effort. “If you just want an open community that supports your progress and endeavors, Koda is perfect for that. Class members support one another in their fitness goals, and Koda is a community that cares,” says Elizabeth.

    As a pharmacist for Children’s hospital, Elizabeth says the fundamentals she’s learned at Koda have transferred into the professional aspects of her life including moving heavy fluid boxes at work. CrossFit has also helped build Elizabeth’s stamina and explosive strength while skiing and racing NASTAR. Perhaps most impressive, Elizabeth was able to hold a full beer stein for over two minutes last year– though we can’t believe she held it that long without taking at least one sip.

    Elizabeth is quiet about her work in the gym and out of it. The woman walked into Koda four years ago, and needed a lot of assistance and scaling options to complete a single pull-up. Now, she is realistically setting her sights on achieving a muscle-up in her athletic future, but there is no pressure there because her main focus in the next year will be on consistency.

    “This next year, I’m looking forward to being as consistent with training as possible, valuing my physical fitness and strength capabilities, doing this by working no more than 50-hour work weeks. Whether it be a muscle up, sets of 20 straight double-unders, 20-meter handstand walks… what I get from Koda and CrossFit only reflects my effort and input,” says Elizabeth.

    Spoken like a true athlete, and the kind of person that makes Koda what it is– keep your head down and do the work, all while offering a smile and encouragement to the person standing next to you. Thank you Elizabeth for choosing Koda. We value you, and now we know who’s hauling the beer into the gym for the next party.

    -Mireya Garcia