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  • Gary Wood

    If you start your day early at Koda, you have undoubtedly gotten to know what a fun guy Gary Wood is to be around. He’s a light-hearted, funny man whose friendliness helps to brighten you up 5:30 in the morning.

    He says he likes the morning because it feels good to start the day off by accomplishing something positive, and Gary is almost unflappably positive. Gary is modest, and even if you ask him to (as we did), you’re going to have a very hard time getting him to
    brag about himself, but when he comes in he works hard and always lightens the mood around him. “Getting frustrated or upset because I cannot do a particular movement or struggle in every workout is just not worth it,” says Gary.

    Outside of Koda, Gary takes joy in traveling with his family, tailgating for Sooner football games, and cheering on the OKC Thunder. Gary and his family love to visit Disney, Seaside, Scottsdale, and he uses his functional fitness on a yearly snow ski trip. He says it’s his accomplishments at home, at work as an attorney, and in the community that bring him the most pride. Gary serves as board president of the OKC Metro Alliance. The group provides drug and alcohol treatment at no cost to hundreds of men and women each year.

    Like many crossfitters, Gary came to Koda after a friend told him about our early morning classes. His preferred workout time is before he goes into work, so he came by and gave it a try. Gary’s found that working out at Koda allows him to manage his weight while enjoying many things in life, like travel and good food. Four years later, he’s one of the longest standing members of the gym. He says, simply, he works out at Koda to have fun, and the people at Koda make it fun. Perhaps that’s the secret to his longevity. “When I stop having fun is when I will stop coming to Koda.” That being the case, we hope Gary never stops having fun at Koda.

    -Nick Piche