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  • Henry Schmidt

    Henry Schmidt is celebrating his 4 year Kodaversary with us! If you’re not familiar with Henry, it’s probably because when he comes to the gym he has a laser-like focus that you might expect from a dedicated serviceman.

    ​Henry has some impressive credentials, having served as a platoon leader and battle captain in Iraq and Afghanistan. So perhaps it’s unsurprising that he cites one of his most memorable workouts as “Leehan,” one of CrossFit’s hero WODs that honor the memory of fallen service personnel. Henry says that doing a workout named for a fallen friend was especially poignant.

    ​Outside of the gym, he works as a construction project manager, and outside of work, he also attends a paramedic class and volunteers as a firefighter, so it’s a special honor for Koda to see him so regularly at the 9:15 class. “It’s never crowded and I’m finally awake,” he explains concisely. As long as things line up right, he’s not a hard man to please.

    ​Nevertheless, he’s come a long way since joining Koda. He recalls having made the error of trying to keep up with Ryan Doonkeen his first day on the workout ‘Nancy,’ a leg intensive workout including 400 meter runs and far too many overhead squats. Since then Henry has developed his conditioning, and he has also improved all of his lifts. Referring to the deadlift, he says, “I started at 315 with terrible form, and now I’m at 425 with good form.”

    Besides coming back for general fitness (and “to disappoint Jared”), Henry says this year he is looking forward to gaining consistency with his double-unders and muscle-ups. Koda looks forward to watching his continued progress in his 5th year as a Kodite.

    -Nick Piche