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  • Israel Solis

    It’s a quarter until class starts at Koda CrossFit. Some people are walking in, others are chatting about this or that, but there is a man mobilizing before the warm-up has even started. That man is Israel Solis, you may also know him as Izzy, and he is celebrating his four year Kodaversery. ​

    Israel says he is proud of the improvement in his strength and endurance during his time at Koda. He also enjoys the camaraderie within Koda’s walls. Humorous verbal sparring often breaks the tension that comes with intense workouts, and getting into your own head before a major lift. Israel’s favorite class was one of Koda’s specialty classes where coach Chad Hamilton taught athlete’s about the importance of perfecting movements starting right at the warm-up, and continuing that special attention throughout the strength portions no matter how much weight was on the bar. ​

    “He pushes us to do more than we think we can. All the coaches do push everyone, but in a safe manner.”​

    Israel says that one of his occasional struggles at Koda is failing to push himself as hard as he should, and says that he is happy that coaches are familiar with his strengths and weaknesses, so they are able to tell him when he needs to work a little harder. Israel appreciates Koda’s focus on longevity, and he believes long focused warm-ups and special attention to proper form have made him able to keep doing tough workouts surrounded by athletes of all ages. Israel has also enjoyed participating in competitions including the Bricktown Throwdown, Red Dirt Classic, and Cupid’s Revenge. ​

    “When you are working, find someone that is at your level or a little bit better, and try and keep pace with them. That way, it will push you.”​

    Outside of the gym Israel works for one of the top architecture firms in Oklahoma City putting his OU Architecture degree to work. He also enjoys spending time with his wife of eight years, and their children. You can also find him, and his black belt, teaching Tae Kwon Do, and supporting the OK Kids Korral. ​

    Israel plans to continue starting his CrossFit appointments a quarter before class to get in an especially solid warm-up. If you’d like to join him, he says he is still looking for participants, so feel free, after all, Koda means friend. ​

    -Mireya Garcia​