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  • Jennifer Gray

    Jennifer Gray is a motivated woman who makes her family and fitness a priority. She shares her time with Koda, and is now celebrating her four year Kodaversary. Athletics have been a part of her life for years—she was a sprinter in high school, and ran the 100m, 200m, and 400m. She has also cycled for several years.

    A family move brought her to Koda CrossFit for the first time. After she moved from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, she decided to visit a place she’d heard good things about. Thinking back, she recalls walking in, and seeing co-owner Brice Collier sitting at the front desk, and remembers him as a man of few words. Her first coach while at Koda was Drew Hymer, and she remembers his stand out phrase to break the ice with all new comers—“She is new. No one talk to her.” Between her first interactions with Brice and Drew, Jennifer says she was sold.

    You’ll often find Jennifer working out in the 9:15 class. Yes, it works best with her schedule, but the friendships she has made over the last four years keep her coming back. That’s because part of Koda’s secret sauce is more than just solid programming, but also the people. “I’ve made life-long friends and met people that I genuinely enjoy being around,” says Jennifer.

    When it comes to the actual working out part of being a member at Koda CrossFit, Jennifer says she enjoys looking forward to something new from day to day. Her hard work over the last few years even earned her the CrossFit Holy Grail—muscle ups. They may not be an everyday occurrence, but she did complete two about a year ago, and that is something to be proud of. “Drew videoed it, so I have actual proof,” says Jennifer. We totally believe her, but she should cue up the video just in case.

    Muscle ups aside, the movement that Jennifer is most proud of accomplishing is the double under. The movement took her some time to get right, as is true for many CrossFit athletes, and now that she is able to reliably perform the movement, it is a reminder of how far she has come. She self-describes as “not very coordinated,” giving even the less coordinated among us some hope of improving our own double unders.

    When Jennifer is not at the gym, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, with her family, or having a fun and memorable time with her dogs—add a little Champagne to the party, and it would be the perfect time.

    How would Jennifer describe Koda? Well, as “A place where everyone knows your name, and spells it correctly–except Jared.”

    Sorry Jennifer, we swear he tries, though probably not very hard. Thank you Jennifer for being a part of the Koda CrossFit community, and part of the reason it is so special.


    -Mireya Garcia