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  • Jimmy Cliburn

    You might find Jimmy Cliburn competing with his Masters buddies on an average midday class. The man describes himself as a work in progress, but he is an award-winning athlete who makes Koda proud and is celebrating his four year Kodaversary. Looking back through his time at Koda you’ll find many memorable moments, but for Jimmy we are going to start by talking about his elbows.

    An athlete since high school, Jimmy ran track as a sprinter. Later he played in competitive leagues of a variety of sports. He understands the importance of speed, strength, and the benefit of team building relationships— but what he couldn’t understand the day he first walked into Koda, was how in the world anyone could get their elbows up in the front rack position. In spite of this mobility setback, Jimmy says he was excited by the classes early on and enjoys their structure and challenges to this day.

    Friend Shawn Olson was the reason Jimmy decided to give Koda CrossFit that first try. He’d started a month prior and loved what he was doing. Now, Jimmy remembers the support he felt as a newbie that first day, and is happy to report it’s still there, whether he is with his “old Master’s buddies” at Koda HQ or if he is stopping in at Koda Deer Creek. Healthy competition with fellow athletes keeps him motivated and pushes Jimmy to try harder every day.

    When it comes to memorable workouts, Helen tops the list. It serves as an example of how showing up and pushing yourself will lead to improvement. Early on his Helen time say at around 15 minutes now his personal best is 9:14.  Jimmy’s favorite movements include both ring and bar muscle ups. It took time, effort, and patience to achieve what many consider one of the more difficult CrossFit Rx movements, and he is excited to be able to string a few together now. Front squats had to be somewhere on the list too, of course. Jimmy says he continues to work through mobility issues but can perform the weighted movement and had a personal best lift of 315 pounds— an accomplishment he is proud to have achieved.

    Hard work at Koda can yield some amazing results. Jimmy decided to participate in the Legends of the WOD competition in Grapevine, TX— and, basically, kicked butt. He won first place in the scaled division by winning first place in all of the events that day. Bragging rights didn’t come for free. “I trained extremely hard leading up to the comp. I worked on building my motor by doing interval training outside of classes. Running 400’s and miles mostly,” says Jimmy of the extra steps he took to be prepared.

    When he isn’t prepping for a competition or having fun in class, Jimmy enjoys trying out new restaurants with his wife and friends, and playing golf. In the coming year he plans to continue having fun with his family and Koda buddies. There will also be the opportunity to improve many of his lifts after having surgery on his elbows and achieving greater mobility.

    Of his time at Koda, Jimmy says, “I get the chance to visit many CrossFit gyms outside of the area, and very few are even close to the level of Koda. It has been a very positive experience for me thus far.” Congratulations, Jimmy, on deeply understanding what effort and focused work can get you. Thank you for making Koda your fitness home, and we know that you will continue to do your part to make it the positive place it is.

    -Mireya Garcia