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  • John Ta

    It takes some people a little longer to find a love for athletic competition. John Ta was not interested in athletic pursuits until he became an adult, but now there is no turning back. After hitting the gym for the very first time John says he made it his religion. Then he started participating in mud runs with friends, and learned that competitive races can feel refreshing. That’s the man we know at Koda, and he is celebrating four years with the team.

    Though John thrives in Koda’s challenging environment now, that was not exactly the case early on. His first class was at 5am. He remembers people being friendly and accommodating in spite of the
    early hour, and he noted it was a different feeling that he enjoyed. John doesn’t remember his first work out, but will never forget needing to stop halfway through, and just lying on the floor. He was exhausted, and says his legs were crying in agony. We’ve all been there.

    Though he first started with Koda bright and early John has settled into a dependable schedule with the 4:30 pm class. It is a good way for him to wrap up the day. He also makes a point of showing up at 8:00 am on Saturdays, to justify his cheat meals, he says jokingly. In his four years at Koda, he has found the community shares a common interest in not just physical challenges, but the mental challenges that arise from digging deep and finishing a tough workout. John’s most memorable workout is Murph, and it feels special every time he completes it.

    “It is not just about my performance in the workout, but also how it gets the Koda community together, and supporting our beliefs,” says John.

    After four years, John says he keeps coming back because of the community and the dynamics between the coaches and athletes. The coaches know his skill set and push him in a safe yet challenging manner. He celebrates when his fellow Koda athletes achieve something new, and it pushes him to become better too. For John, Koda allows him to do other things he loves outside of CrossFit. He still participates in mud runs or obstacle races a few times a year, and being fitter allows him the energy to travel outside the country on a yearly adventure.
    Though he is not one to keep a log of his PR numbers, John is especially proud of being able to

    complete a muscle-up. He is still working on perfecting his kipping motion which will allow him to more easily complete consecutive muscle-ups, and next on his list is figuring out the handstand walk. Next time you chat with John, you should know he is also a proud nerd at heart. Whether it’s movies or comics, he’s a fan, so quiz him, preferably during handstand walk practice to make sure he really knows his stuff.

    -Mireya Garcia