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  • Joseph Arguello

    Joseph Arguello, Koda athlete, famed Koda party celebrator, family man, and all-around boss, Has his four-year Kodaversary with us!

    In his formative years, Joseph tells us he lived quite actively.  “I grew up playing basketball. There were not many days where I was not shooting hoops in the driveway or at the gym. Unfortunately, I stopped growing in the 9th grade and all dreams of playing at the next level were dashed.” Joseph says he continued being active, joining recreational leagues for basketball, indoor soccer leagues later, cycling, running, and even racquetball.

    A software developer by trade, Joseph says that when he began with us, despite his consistent prior activities, he had taken up a more sedentary lifestyle; he says he was overweight, had lost strength and mobility, and was tired, grumpy, and injury prone.  His wife, Lydia, who had already joined Koda, convinced him to give CrossFit a try.  “Lydia told Jared to keep an eye on me because she was afraid I would die. I did 2 rounds of 5 [touch and go] squat cleans at 53 lbs, and sure enough, almost died (or felt like dying). I spent the rest of the class rolling out my triceps on a bar while watching everyone else do complex movements. Of course, this was all captured on video and posted to Facebook.”  Not the faint of heart, Joseph came back the next day, and the next, and has carried on coming back for over five years now.

    Joseph will tell you he’s a “super-scaled, recreational, masters athlete”, who is most concerned with simply getting a good workout in without injury, but Joseph is modest.  He has voluntarily competed in multiple CrossFit competitions, and is consistently not a last place finisher as well! He cites a particularly exciting moment as being one of his favorites as a Koda athlete: “If I could narrow it down to one thing, though, it would be competing in Battle Over Redlands III (Tulsa, Ok) and getting a PR on my Power Snatch (Part 2 of WOD) after doing rowing and burpees (Part 1 of WOD). I worked hard on that lift since it was the second part of the workout. I screamed like a Viking when I made the lift. Did not finish last, either…”

    And Joseph is a great workout buddy to have in your class.  He always manages to work hard while still keeping a smile on his face (not always directly post-workout, admittedly, but that’s understandable.)  Joseph is all about enjoying the “fitness journey.”  “I can lift more, run faster and do things I haven’t done since I was in my late 20s. Friends from the past see me and tell me I look great.” He credits the programming at Koda for his continued success.  “The coaches care about your safety and technique first. You are accepted and not judged if you have to scale down. Each day has a different workout that keeps things interesting. The people are genuine, fun, and encouraging.”

    About Koda, Joseph generously shares, “Koda CrossFit is more than your local CrossFit Box. Some people believe it is a community (it is). Some people think it is a top-notch training facility for athletes (it’s that, too). I see it as a refuge. Koda gives me a place to not worry about things for an hour several times per week.” It’s people like Joseph, though, that make Koda a community.  Work ethic like his makes it a top-notch training facility. And the genuine friendliness and camaraderie freely given by people like Joseph make it a refuge.  Thank you for sharing over half a decade with us, Joseph.  Koda is lucky to have you.


    -Nick Piche