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  • Josh Wolverton

    Josh Wolverton is one of Koda’s competition regulars. So much so that he was in attendance at the very first Cupid’s Revenge competition before he had ever tried CrossFit. Now more than 4 years later, he has participated in numerous competitions including his most recent team competition at Wodapalooza in Miami with fellow Kodites Jacob Schneider and Doug Bridges. “We had competed in the Intermediate Individual group the year before and decided to take it on as a team.” They brought home the gold in their division. It’s almost enough to make you forget about the time he face-planted during a sled drag during the First Timer’s Open. Almost.

    He says that watching that first competition inspired him to come in and try it for himself. It’s perhaps fitting that his first week of CrossFit was during the CrossFit Open of that year where any individual who wishes can sign up to compete on a world-wide scale. That day he was competing against our own Jared Muse, and though 0 days of CrossFit hadn’t yet granted him proficiency in all the skills, he says he enjoyed watching Muse and the competitive nature of the workout.

    Though he competes quite a bit, Josh is an easy-going, amiable guy who is fun to chat and hang out with. He comes to the gym and hits his workouts hard, but in the interim, he has an air of relaxation and calm. For Josh, Koda is important for the social aspects as well as the physical. “It’s a community of people that enjoy working out. Everyone is accepted…it’s a place where you can meet a lot of good people that you can connect with socially and meet some great friends.

    It’s for this reason you can find him anytime between 4:30-5:30pm, straight from work as a financial advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors. He says he enjoys working out with the regulars from those hours. If you find him though, you’ll notice he’s usually there longer than the standard 1 hour class, “depending on who ‘cons’ me into doing extra workouts,” he says, only half-jokingly.

    Outside of work and the gym, Josh says he enjoys, “golfing, going to the lake, and if it’s Saturday, then we all know what Saturdays are for…SAFTB!!!” Well, maybe we don’t all know that, but we do all know how glad we are to have Wolverton prowling the gym, and generally being awesome.

    -Nick Piche