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  • Katie Nimz

    From a decade of classical ballet to a certified badass CrossFitter, Katie Nimz is a quick study with a love for giving her all to achieving the challenges before her. She celebrates her four year Kodaversary cherishing the memories behind her, and looking ahead to the promise of her athletic future.

    Katie “The Hammer” Nimz– but like really, how cool is that nickname– was always an active person, and started doing CrossFit workouts sometime in 2005 while she was in OSU for college. Her very first CrossFit workout was Cindy, a sounds-easy-on-paper workout consisting of as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats. “While I thought I was going to die, I liked it because it was more of an endurance workout and pushed me more than anything else had since high school,” says Katie.

    In 2012, she was back in OKC, and after some time creating a good baseline, Katie attended a CrossFit level 1 certification class where she met Koda co-owner Brice Collier. “I knew he was a big part of Koda, and I knew he was a good competitor, so naturally I picked Koda to be my new home,” says Katie.

    Her first day at Koda is a blur but Katie is sure she was wearing running shorts, her Asics tennis shoes, and a cut off t-shirt. What she does remember well is an early conversation she had with member Solange Eddy Douglass where the impressively strong Solange told Katie she was the Sam Briggs to her Lindsey Valenzuela. “She was the muscle; I was the engine. I thought that was one of the best compliments a girl could ever receive,” says Katie.

    Of her most memorable experiences, Katie recalls her time on the 2014 CrossFit Regionals floor with Team Koda. The entire experience will always remain close to her heart, but overcoming one specific challenge when the pressure was on, is her favorite moment from that weekend. Two weeks before the competition she did not have a solid handstand, and learned that handstand walks would be a part of the competition that required a 10-foot minimum. “We practiced every day, even in hallways of the hotel in Chicago…Going from not being able to hold a handstand at all, to being able to walk 10 feet was huge in my book,” says Katie.

    For now, Katie is taking a step back from her intense training. She is newly married, back in school for a nurse practitioner program, and prioritizes spending quality time with her step son and Bernese Mountain Dog. Still, she manages to come to Koda three times a week, and expects to be back to more Koda time once she is finished with school. Moments, like back when she achieved her first muscle-up, keep her loving the hard work and dedication required of CrossFit athletes. You need to know, that muscle-up, that one successful moment in time only came after practicing, trying, and failing over and over for six months. That day, though, the day it clicked, the running around the gym, the crying with joy, and the achievement of what she thought was not possible for her– that made it all worth it.

    Katie’s description of Koda is heartwarming and simple. To Katie, Koda is loyal. “I can trust that what I put into Koda is what I will get out of Koda. While my world is chaotic outside of the gym, I can count on Koda to be my ‘constant’. It never lets me down and I leave better than what I entered,” says Katie. In her fifth year, Katie says she hopes to continue growing the close friendships she has made at Koda. She will also be finishing school, is thinking of expanding her family, and going back onto the competition floor. Thank you, Katie, for your dedication to a sport we love, and no matter where life takes you, Koda will be here with a tough workout and a high five.

    -Mireya Garcia