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  • Katie Schneider

    The woman killing some squat cleans in a cat t-shirt is Katie Schneider. She is a fun loving, friendship building Kodite, and is celebrating four years with Koda CrossFit. Her decision to first visit Koda was to see what, then boyfriend now husband, Jacob, was spending so much time doing. Turns out, Koda became a home and community for Katie too. 

    Katie was a competitive cheerleader from fourth grade all the way to sophomore year of college. That’s a long time to build some specific skills that have translated well into her adult fitness. One of Katie’s favorite movements is the handstand walk, a notoriously challenging movement for many athletes. 

    Though she doesn’t remember her very first workout at Koda, she does remember that it included running, and she jokingly asked co-owner Jared Muse for her money back. Four years later, Katie doesn’t shy away from movements she finds difficult. She is especially proud of the growth she has seen in any gymnastics bar movement. It took her five months to get a kipping pull-up when she first started, and now she can do large sets of butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups, as well as many other gymnastic skills. “It feels good to know that I worked to get these skills, and they didn’t come easily,” says Katie. 

    Katie goes to whichever class is most convenient, but considers the 5pm her home class. Some of her closest buddies attend that class too, so she enjoys the feeling of community. No matter what class she attends, it will be a good and challenging workout. “The programming keeps me on my toes. Just as soon as I feel comfortable in one area, I realize I have neglected another,” says Katie. Though her main goal is general fitness, Katie will never turn down a chance to do her all-time favorite movements: squat cleans and handstand walks. 

    One of Katie’s favorite Koda memories happened during the First Timer’s Open hosted at Koda. She won the squat clean ladder while all her friends were cheering her on. When she isn’t preparing to bring #KompKatie out for competition, you’ll find Katie taking pictures of her cats at home. Seriously, check out her Insta for some quality cat photos. 

    In her fifth year at Koda, Katie wants to continue to grow her Koda friendships and stay healthy. “Koda is like the Disneyworld of OKC– I can’t wait to get there and I’m exhausted when I leave,” says Katie. Thank you Katie for being a part of the Koda family, and for introducing some much needed cat-centric gym wear to the Koda floor. 


     -Mireya Garcia