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  • Kelsey Clary

    Koda athlete Kelsey Clary bounced around sports and exercise disciplines from grade school into adulthood. She even tried to convince herself that she loved to run, but no amount of trickery could make that happen. The issue, for the most part, was always a loss of motivation after a few weeks. All of that changed when Kelsey found Koda CrossFit, and it’s now been four years of motivation and strength building with a side of fun.

    Let’s rewind the clock to Kelsey’s first day at Koda. Her most prominent memory isn’t the work out or how she felt once she was done, but how nervous she was just stepping through the threshold. “I was so nervous, and just kept thinking I was going to die, “says Kelsey. Spoiler alert, she didn’t die. Despite her initial concerns, Kelsey decided to give Koda a try after her sister-in-law’s daily insistence that she come try CrossFit out with her. Another thing she remembers about her first workout is a minor fashion faux pas. “I was coming from the college scene where Nike shorts and XL t-shirts were the thing, so that was what I showed up in only to find out that is not the attire that most of the others were wearing,” laughs Kelsey.

    You’ll usually find Kelsey in the 6pm class with coach and co-owner Jared Muse. She calls it the fun and laid back class where athletes like to chat while they get fit—and maybe explains why Jared occasionally says it feels like he is trying to herd cats. The class atmosphere is one of the elements that keep Kelsey coming back. After four years of attending the same 6pm class, Kelsey has also built friendships with her fellow athletes which means she can always count on having a good time and getting in plenty of laughs between workouts.

    Koda longtime athletes know that this community is full of good-natured ribbing, but more importantly, it’s full of people who support your efforts and want to see you succeed. It’s one of the reasons Kelsey says she knew she could successfully do the whole CrossFit thing. Her favorite movement is the power clean, and she recalls one particular workout where she was excited to be performing heavy sets at her max, and once she was done, Kelsey realized she had actually done the rep at five pounds above her former personal best. That’s what happens when you are working and having fun; you get stronger without even realizing it.

    Koda isn’t all burpees and kipping pull-ups. Sometimes you have to figure out the in house trick shot master. Another of Kelsey’s favorite memories is helping form the Koda Trick Shot Crew. Summer 2018 she and some fellow athletes played a lot of basketball post workout. “My all-time favorite memory is beating Jared at PIG, probably by shooting the ball backwards over my head. I’m not saying it happened often but it definitely happened!” says Kelsey.

    Trick shots aside, she is proudest of the time she competed in the Koda First Timer’s CrossFit competition. Much like her start in CrossFit, Kelsey didn’t intend to participate in a competition, but Coach Jared and some friends from the 6pm class talked her into giving it a shot. “I was so nervous, and it was really hard doing that many workouts within a few hours, but I did it, and didn’t finish last place so I felt very accomplished,” says Kelsey.

    The last few years have been busy for Kelsey. She works full time in education, has coached, and is in grad school. Somewhere in there she is planning a wedding, too. Like many of our members leading such full lives, getting to Koda can feel nearly impossible, but Kelsey says she is always happy and feels much better when she makes room in her schedule for Koda’s tough workouts.

    When it comes to her experience during her four years at Koda, Kelsey keeps it simple and says, “I just go for a good workout with some really awesome people! No matter where you are on your fitness journey, everyone at Koda is always supportive and encouraging.” Thank you, Kelsey, for never thinking twice when it comes to heading into the pain cave with your fellow athletes, and for choosing to stick with this community no matter how busy life gets. We will always do the last ten burpees with you! 


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