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  • Kenya Hardy

    Kenya Hardy was no stranger to fitness even before she joined Koda. She played basketball from the time she was a child through her first year in college, and after that, she continued to stay active with bootcamps, personal training sessions, and group training sessions. She has also run half-marathons and obstacle courses! (for fun, of all things). Kenya’s first experience at Koda was during our annual “Bring a Buddy Week” when she was invited by current members Sherri and Latricia. The sled pulls left her exhausted, but Kenya remembers thinking, “…that was bad, but I bet I could lift some weights…and it was time for a change.” That was over four years ago, meaning that we now get to celebrate Kenya’s four year Kodaversary!

    As with many new members, Kenya started in our “Movements” class, getting comfortable with the movement patterns and lifting techniques. Since moving onto regular classes, she likes to frequent evening classes. “I enjoy the folks that are in class during those times. Although we laugh and play, we get it done and still get a great workout.” Kenya says it’s that community of coaches and friends in which she gets to work out that keeps her coming back. “AND the results…I have noticed a change in my body since I started…”

    As an example, Kenya shared one of her most memorable workouts. During her first month at Koda, the CrossFit Open had begun, and she had been encouraged to participate. “Latricia and I were doing the 1st [workout] (I believe it was lunges and burpees)… I recall seeing Joseph for the first time, at that time didn’t know who he was, and thinking ‘this dude is hard core, I don’t know what Tricia has gotten me into cause I am gonna die’.”  Well, she didn’t die, though she couldn’t really walk afterwards, but that day was fun and solidified her decision to stay at Koda.

    Over the years, Kenya says her fitness and body have changed for the better. She recalls that during the second CrossFit Open in which she participated, she got her first unassisted pull-up. “…we were doing snatches or lunges and then the pullups and Jared said, ‘just go real fast on those and then you have more time to get pull ups’…I spent like 3 min and finally got one, I could have cried, but instead I did like 7 or 8 more and after I was super excited!”

    At the gym, Kenya says she looks forward to mastering double-unders and becoming more consistent with her pull-ups. Outside the gym, Kenya looks forward to continuing to travel and spend time with friends and family, especially her niece, to whose basketball games in Kansas Kenya travels to regularly, rarely missing a home game.

    “Koda really does mean friend, and I consider it another family for myself. I appreciate and love all of the coaches that have worked with me (Tre and Katie were the firsts) and it really is a community there. We work hard and play hard at Koda.” Koda is indescribably grateful for your kind words, Kenya, and for having you year after year, having fun and lifting heavy stuff with us.


    -Nick Piche