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  • Kyle Kauk

    ​Tall, strong, and lean, Kyle is a walking advertisement for CrossFit and for Koda, but he’s not just a piece of meat, people. He’s a human being with hopes and dreams, and we’re not just here to ogle his shorts, which used to be far too long, but now may be a little too short. We’re here celebrating his four-year Kodaversary!

    ​It’s perhaps somewhat ironic that he’s now one of the longest-tenured athletes at Koda considering he was a long-time hold out. He says Jarred Smith, one of Koda’s very first members, invited him “several times” to come give the new gym a try. Though he wasn’t initially interested in trying CrossFit, eventually Jarred wore him down and he came in. Some box jumps, burpees, and 200 meter runs later, Kyle says, “I signed up after my first day and have not worked out anywhere else since.”

    ​Kyle is a long-time athlete, having played baseball, basketball, golf, and run cross-country throughout high school, but he says he first became motivated to become more serious about fitness and weightlifting while a student at the University of Oklahoma. Kyle tried to make it onto the baseball team as a walk-on, but was unsuccessful. To look at him now, you’d be surprised he’d attribute that outcome to a lack of size, which is a testament to the hard work he’s put in.

    ​Kyle is competitive, but he has fun. He reminisces about a workout he did with Heidi Mahken and Koda co-owner Jared Muse during that first week: “Part of the workout was to complete 100 pull-ups between the three of us. After the two of them knocked out a set of 20ish butterfly pull-ups, I did 3 strict pull-ups that took about 20 seconds. They both laughed then got mad at me.” As a side note, he and Heidi have since competed in Koda’s “Cupid’s Revenge” year after year since, even winning best-dressed in 2016.
    ​With an air of levity, Kyle describes one of his favorite accomplishments since starting CrossFit: mastering double-unders. “It took 32 years of my life to learn double-unders, so I was especially proud when I became able to do them unbroken for large sets. Also, I was embarrassed because it’s basically just jumping rope…”

    ​For Kyle, the friendships he’s developed at Koda are just as important as the workouts. He golfs and goes fishing with some of the friends he’s made at the gym. For the following year, he hopes to maintain his friendships, and build new ones as more and more athletes join the Koda team. He is also already preparing for the 2018 Open Season where he hopes to do big things now that he will be qualifying for the 35 to 40 age division. Thanks for giving Koda a chance, Kyle. We are happy to have you and your legendary stretching skills.

    -Nick Piche