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  • Kyle Smailey

    Kyle Smailey is, to put it plainly, just the best kind of people. When you hear something like, “I really like the people at my gym.” They’re talking about people like Smailey. He’s the kind of guy who makes you look forward to going to the gym and makes that experience better than it would have been otherwise.
    He’s great to hang out with outside the gym, too! That’s why it is with extreme pleasure that we celebrate Smailey’s four-year Kodaversary!

    ​Yes, the man, the myth, the legend has been a member of Koda for four years now, and though that means he wasn’t always a Kodite, it’s certainly hard to picture the place without him. Smailey comes to us from a background of high school and collegiate sports. He played football, swam, and was on the
    water polo team in high school, and during college he ventured into cheerleading at the University of Oklahoma. As he began nursing school, though, his exercise regimen migrated over to a standard gym while he attended nursing school.

    ​Smailey says it was actually his father who inspired him to try CrossFit for the first time. “My dad had been talking about it for several months doing it on his own in his garage.” He says after seeing the CrossFit Games on TV for the first time, he dropped in at Koda to try a few workouts. That experience,
    Smailey says, was revelatory. “Both times, I threw up, and I realized how out of shape I was, staying in my own comfort zone…” When he heard Koda Norman was opening, he decided to make the commitment, signed up, and came to his first class as a member. “Wearing my most athletic and best-fitting gym clothes, drinking tons of water, and taking my pre-workout at the exact, precise time to exude maximum performance…” From there, Smailey says it went a bit downhill. He says he doesn’t remember the workout, but he remembers he didn’t finish under the time-cap and that he lay on the floor trying to recover for some time after.

    ​He’s come a long way from that first day though. Just this January he competed in the Fittest in OK and smoked the competition during “Swimmer’s Delight,” a swimming ladder in which Smailey was the last one standing (so to speak). He went on to take the gold for his division. He says that he’s especially
    proud of his placement in the highly competitive “scaled” category at the Fittest Games in Austin, Texas in 2016. To even enter the competition requires beating out a sizeable number of entrants. According to their website, even 3 years ago The Fittest Games boasted over 500 athletes and over $20,000.00
    combined winners’ purses, and it hasn’t gotten smaller. Smailey took 2nd in his division. His growth matches his dedication.

    Until recently, Smailey worked a hellacious schedule that would convince most they simply didn’t have time for the gym. “My work schedule for a while consisted of working nights as an intensive care unit registered nurse from 7pm – 7am, driving 100 miles back from Tulsa, going to [Koda’s] 9:15 class, sleep from 11am – 4pm, then driving back to Tulsa for work.” When we asked how he stays motivated, he gave us two reasons: first he cites the constant push and improvement. “I’m able to do things, physically, now that I never thought I’d be able to.” And he says he sees those physical gains translate into mental gains as well. Second, he says the community keeps him coming back, “to see my friends and the relationships I’ve made at Koda. It’s probably one of my hangout spots, that just happens to be a gym too.

    Smailey says, “[Koda] is just fun and warm…it doesn’t matter your skill level…I doubt I would have become this involved if it weren’t for all the individuals and atmosphere at Koda.” Well, Smailey is the kind of person that helps create that positive atmosphere and camaraderie we’ve all come to enjoy, and for that, Koda is indescribably lucky.

    -Nick Piche