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  • Latricia Major

    Latricia Major is a strong woman and an even stronger dancer who can fashionably match her workout shirts to whatever kick-you-in-the-pants workout Koda has programmed for the day—and she is celebrating her four year Kodaversary. Before CrossFit, Latricia participated in Zumba and group training, but was introduced to Koda by fellow athlete Sherrie Jefflo.

    That first day at Koda felt, in a word, rough. She started in the Movements class with Coach ARobb to make sure she was well prepared for the intensity of the demanding workouts at Koda. Now, you’ll find her mostly in the 6:30pm class, but every now and then she’ll be busting a move with friends in the 6pm class.

    Latricia is continuing to grow as an athlete, and says that the feeling of struggle is part of the process, and can see that she has gotten better over time. She is a stand-out athlete when it comes to her strength. Her most memorable moment at Koda so far was hitting a 405 deadlift. She really didn’t think she’d hit the lift, but with proper form and encouragement, she tried anyway—the outcome really showed her how far she’d come. Any time raw strength movements are on tap, the Koda community will rally around Latricia to see what impressive numbers she will demolish. As it stands right now, some of Latricia’s favorite one rep maxes are 405 deadlift, 320 back squat, and 275 front squat.

    “If someone said it would have happened 4yrs ago, I wouldn’t have believed it,” says Latricia of her climbing one rep maxes.

    Latricia also regularly participates in the CrossFit Open, and counts many of those workouts among her most memorable. It was during a CrossFit Open that Latricia accomplished her first kipping pull-ups. It’s also exciting for her to see how she stacks up against other people in her age group. The Open also creates the opportunity to nurture her friendships at Koda. Several athletes from the classes Latricia attends will meet on Fridays during the Open, tackle the workouts, and then enjoy a meal together afterward.

    During her fifth year at Koda, Latricia says she wants to check a few things off her fitness to-do list. She plans to practice her double unders, work on her Olympic lifting form, and (maybe) a little more running work—even though it’s the worst and every CrossFitter knows that.

    During those first few early days at Koda, Latricia says she was intimidated, and often very nervous, but the encouraging community environment and coaches have helped bring out the best in her. Latricia, thank you for making Koda a part of your life. Your development as an athlete has been a joy to watch. Keep dancing and smashing PR’s.



    -Mireya Garcia