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  • Lauren Roton

    Lauren Roton has much to celebrate. In the year 2020 she graduated as an M.D., welcomed her daughter Vivienne into the world, and is celebrating her four-year Kodaversary. Wow, that is a lot of cool stuff.

    Lauren loves being competitive and feeling like she is part of a team. She played soccer throughout her childhood and had been a CrossFit athlete for some time before finding Koda, so she knows how happy the atmosphere of working with friends makes her feel. “…when I tried Koda I instantly knew this is where I belonged,” says Lauren.

    She remembers her first workout was a partner workout with Koda Athlete Jessica Keaster who was 8.5 months pregnant at the time. Lauren says she remembers being impressed by how Jessica killed the workout, while Lauren felt being left in the dust.

    Typically, you will find Lauren up bright and early in the 5:30am class. She says she loves seeing the same people every morning and enjoys experiencing the quiet in the gym not often found during the hustle and bustle of the evening classes. Before graduation, the morning hours also worked best because she would be able to get her training in before she had to go to school or clinical rotations. You may still see her some afternoons because she loves to stop in after work to visit with friends and lift something heavy.

    Fran, believe it or not, is one of Lauren’s favorite workouts and the power clean is her favorite lifting movement. Though a good workout is its own reward, Lauren says she feels a special connection to the people and the atmosphere at Koda CrossFit. “I love when the girls get together some afternoons outside of a class and do a lifting session. I also love knowing that no matter what class I go to I will get a really good workout and good instruction,” says Lauren.

    Of her most memorable moments as a Koda Athlete, Lauren is proud of being able to compete in the Fittest Experience pro division as an individual down in Austin. Originally, she has been training to try to make the regional team, but when that changed, she decided to set her sights on something different. “I worked with Brice individually for a couple of years leading up to this and it was such a fun experience learning how to tackle workouts and strategizing to play to my strengths,” says Lauren.

    For her next year at Koda, Lauren says she is looking forward to making her return after having her daughter. She is excited to make her way back to the competition floor, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you when that day comes. Lauren, thank you for being a part of the Koda community, and we are so excited to welcome baby Vivienne into the world.