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  • Lee Welker

    Lee may be a confident CrossFitter now, but when he stepped into Koda for his first class ever, he describes his experience as a lot more embarrassing. The warm-up involved rowing, so he grabbed himself a rower, sat down, strapped his feet in. When the word was given, he gave a pull and promptly fell off the seat, feet still strapped in. Now we celebrate four years of Koda-hood since that mishap, and Lee is none the worse for wear.

    Lee is an experienced athlete. He was an All-State football and soccer player at Heritage Hall and even played soccer at SNU before transferring to OU. That athletic background has served him well in accomplishing his goals in the gym. Lee recounts early at his time in Koda resolving to learn how to do muscle-ups on the Olympic rings: “I remember making a goal to do my first ring muscle up before 2016. I have a video of me performing my very first ring muscle up 12/31/15. It was an awesome feeling. On the video you could hear Jason Miller yelling for me, it’s pretty funny.”

    A regular of the “old man elite class” at 11:30, Lee says it’s that sense of community that keeps him coming back. “I love the people there. I like how encouraging and helpful people are to each other. I look forward to being there every day except for when Jared’s there.” (We understand).

    Lee is a family man. Each morning, he wakes up early to make bacon and cinnamon rolls for his kids, reads his devotional, then takes his kids to school before getting to work. Outside of Koda, Lee says he enjoys playing sports, hanging out with his kids, and taking his wife out on dates.

    It’s telling that his most memorable CrossFit memory also involves his family. “I enjoyed doing first timers a few years ago. It actually took place on the day I turned 40. My family, friends and my kids were all there supporting me. It was a fun day.”

    When asked what’s in store for the coming year, Lee says he’d like to win an RX Master’s competition. We have no doubt Lee can do it, and while he trains for it, we look forward to having him back in the gym each day, contributing to the feeling of family and fraternity that he enjoys about Koda, and the people of Koda enjoy about him. Happy Kodaversary, Lee!

    -Nick Piche