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  • Leila Adlamini

    Leila Adlamini is an avid runner, weenie dog lover, and she is celebrating four years with Koda. Leila is no stranger to fitness. She grew up doing gymnastics and then started running in middle school. It was in her athletic development at a young age where she found excellent body awareness and learned that exercise is much more than a way to develop muscles. It has always been a way to develop friendships with people who prioritize their health and wellness. ​

    Leila enjoyed her college life and kept up with runs and other work outs, but she says the drinks and 2am fast food adventures eventually caught up with her. By the time she graduated, she knew it was time to have a healthier adult diet and workout schedule. She joined a large standard gym, and did her best with little direction. She really enjoyed a class called BodyPump, and when she noticed some muscle gain, it felt like weight lifting was for her. ​

    “This was my first real experience with lifting weights and once I started to see little baby muscles pop up I was hooked,” says Leila about her time as a BodyPump regular. ​

    Social media clued Leila into Koda CrossFit, and she pushed herself out of her comfort zone to give it a try. “It took me a week before I finally built up the courage to walk in there by myself. I didn’t know a single person,” says Leila. ​

    She fondly remembers co-owner Mai Muse introducing herself, and giving Leila a tour of the much smaller Koda building. Her first workout felt like a lot of pressure. She remembers working out with Dara Nordstog and Megan Trulove, and trying to be an impressive partner. “Of course I was nervous and felt like I had something to prove so I would sprint every run and go crazy fast. I am pretty sure Dara and Megan didn’t like me that day,” jokes Leila.​

    It was love at first workout for Leila. From the intensity to the friendly atmosphere, she felt welcomed at what would become her new fitness home. She remembers leaving Koda after her first workout feeling ecstatic because she had found people just like her. Leila frequents the 5:30pm class, and her attendance is very much like keeping an appointment to meet with friends. She meshes with co-owner and head-programmer Brice Collier’s “science-y” coaching style, and says it’s fun to be able to ask about why certain movements are important. ​

    Leila is unlike your average CrossFitter because she still loves running. She has met other runners and was introduced to the OKC Running Club through Koda. She will also regularly use her CrossFit training to participate in races throughout the racing season.​

    Leila says everyone should consider having something more than work in their life. This is her adult extracurricular activity, and four years in, her daily one hour appointment at Koda has become a habit. She says it feels weird not to be at the gym everyday, and we think it would be weird not to see her everyday too. ​​

    -Mireya Garcia