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  • Liz Le

    Elizabeth Le is a powerhouse with a good sense of humor, and she is celebrating her four year Kodaversary. She is a kind and happy part of the Koda family, but when it comes down to business she doesn’t mess around. Elizabeth, or Liz as you may know her, is an award-winning Olympic lifter with big goals she will surely reach.

    As a girl, Elizabeth never played any sports, other than three months of ice skating, but she has always been a social butterfly who puts value and work into the relationships she builds with the people she meets along the way. As an adult, boot camp classes weren’t cutting it, and she noticed a friend posting about CrossFit on social media, and it peaked Elizabeth’s interest. Some life changes came her way, and that was the catalyst that launched her into Koda CrossFit, or as Elizabeth put it, “eh- what the hell….”

    The first time anyone does a CrossFit workout, it can be a tough, panting, roll on the ground after you’re done sort of experience, but Elizabeth says hers wasn’t too bad. What she does remember clearly about that first day is meeting co-owner Jared Muse and Mai Muse, and her interaction with them is what brought her back to what would eventually become her new home.

    Elizabeth would frequent the 4:30 pm class with coaches Jared Muse and Chad Hamilton for a long time. Now she has shifted from CrossFit classes to training exclusively in Olympic lifting, so it should be no surprise that some of her favorite movements include the back squat and the snatch. Seriously, have you seen the woman perform Olympic lifts? They are graceful and powerful, and award-winning. She credits Coach Jared with peaking her interest in the sport, and challenging her regularly in her early CrossFit days.

    “I also remember getting a 1:1 session with Jared on snatching at the old gym because I always got to the gym so early.”

    Some of her memorable workouts include competitions she has participated in with Doug Bridges. Elizabeth says it is fun and challenging doing competitions with your significant other, and that she is happy Doug can push her to do things she feels are out of reach once fatigue sets in.

    From developing a love for new sports to adding a whole new group of people that are important to her life, Elizabeth says Koda has been a blessing that allowed her to start fresh when she needed it.

    “All my friendships and my relationship with Doug have all evolved from Koda. Yes, I have my high school friends and yes, I have my college friends, but I love all of the friendships that have evolved in my adulthood from this gym.”

    When she is not at the gym, Elizabeth likes to play with Cash Bridges. That’s Doug’s pup, but she claims partial ownership. She has taught him some impressive tricks after all, like taking off socks, and taking clothing to the laundry basket.

    Elizabeth says she is driven to train because she wants to continue to be better and stronger as an Olympic lifter, and she knows that will only happen if she puts in the work. Her goals for her next year at Koda include breaking state records and qualifying for national meets. We know you’ll succeed Elizabeth. You make Koda proud.

    -Mireya Garcia