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  • Mackenzie Valentin

    Everyone’s cheerleader, and an impressive athlete herself, Koda celebrates Mackenzie Valentin’s four year Kodaversary. Mackenzie has been a gymnast since she was three years old, and continued in this sport through college for the University of Alabama.

    Her skills helped her make an impressive start in the Koda community. Mackenzie first walked into Koda and found herself challenged to a handstand contest by co-owner Brice Collier— and she super won. Mackenzie says once she decided to try CrossFit, there was no question she would go to Koda. “The reputation of a strong community atmosphere was too hard to pass up,” says Mackenzie.

    During her time at Koda, Mackenzie loved going to the 6pm class because of the people and the fun atmosphere, but you could also find her doing some additional focused work earlier in the afternoon. Her dedication mirrors some of the Koda ideals for improvement— follow the programming, you compete against yourself, and no one fights alone. “I am constantly motivated to be better than I was the day before, and on the days where it is harder to find that motivation I can lean on my friends to push me and believe in me,” says Mackenzie.

    Though the work to reaching your goals can be difficult at times, Mackenzie’s outlook is refreshing and optimistic. She says she wants to continue to make progress, but that she also loves being able to look back on the previous years and see how far she has come.

    It is special to be able to do that in a place with a comforting community. “I would describe Koda as a family. I know Koda means friend, but Koda to me has also meant family. It is where I have met some of my closest friends and support systems. I know that wherever my journey takes me, the people of Koda will always have my back and I theirs,” says Mackenzie.

    Dr. Mackenzie Valentin, thank you for making us a part of your story. Congratulations on your graduation. We know you have the perfect combination of grit, determination, and kindness to continue growing in your fitness journey and your career.

    -Mireya Garcia