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  • Mike Fiedler

    Mike Fiedler, a six year Air Force veteran and former college athlete, is celebrating four years at Koda CrossFit. He has come a long way from the first day he stepped through Koda’s garage doors. Mike’s first day confirmed his suspicion that he just might have gotten out of shape. “I definitely had to scale down my exercises. I required special attention from the coaches because I had never done any lifts, and my form needed some help,” says Mike. He also remembers having to ask about CrossFit’s many acronyms—AMRAP…EMOM…RX, just to name a few.

    A busy life pointed Mike in the direction of CrossFit. He had just started a new job, and was making regular trips to Dallas for a part-time graduate program. It was then that Mike found he didn’t have much time to work out, and even when he did, there were concerns about how effective his workouts really were. “I heard about CrossFit, and had been impressed with the balance of cardio and strength of the athletes I had seen,” says Mike about his decision to give CrossFit a try.

    Mike is a 6 o’clock class regular because it works with his schedule, and he enjoys the mix of fun and seriousness the class has developed. He also appreciates that coach and co-owner Jared Muse has a good understanding of what motivates him as an athlete. Mike’s most memorable workout was a grudge match for scaled competitors during the CrossFit Open. Jared encouraged him to sign-up for the Open, and he was surprised by the competitive fire the workouts lit within him. Koda makes Open season fun by developing an in house competition, and Mike found himself sitting in second place after two workouts. This made him realize he had a shot, so it was time to work. “I pushed myself harder than I had in as long as I could remember, and ended up taking first place,” says Mike, who also had an impressive finish in the scaled portion of the region.

    Though Mike has improved in every aspect of his fitness, there is one continued struggle—double unders. Still, he called them one of his most memorable movements, because he had put in some work in developing the skill. “I once got 36 in a row about a year ago, and I thought I had it figured out, but it hasn’t happened since,” says Mike. So, we know he can do them—you can keep practicing with us, buddy.

    In addition to being more consistent with double unders, Mike says that in his fifth year he will continue to enjoy his time having fun while he gets fit. He wasn’t sure what to expect when he joined and what he found was that everyone did everything they could to make him and every other member feel comfortable no matter their level of fitness. Thank you Mike for making Koda your fitness home, and for letting us push you to be the kind of athlete we know you can be—except for the double under thing, but you’ll get it.

    -Mireya Garcia