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  • Nick Woods

    Athlete Nick Woods says friendship brought him to Koda and the community that keeps him here. Now, he is celebrating his fourth Kodaversary.

    “I’m 40 years old and in the best shape of my life. There are times where I miss a week or so, and I don’t feel right afterwards. Koda has made a huge impact on my life and fitness level, and it shows,” says Woods.

    Another fitness perk? The regular compliments he gets from his wife. You’re welcome, buddy.

    Before Koda, Nick did some running, and even ran a half marathon one year. He also got into road biking for six years, and will still enjoy it when he has the time. Though he has enjoyed many different sports, including growing up playing golf and tennis, Nick says his discipline when it comes to exercise started at Koda.

    That first day at Koda was a rough one. There were a lot of snatches, a movement Nick says he is still working to improve four years into his fitness journey with Koda. Still, he remembers being hooked after the first week, and is still grateful to his friend, Brett Marchbanks, for telling him about the gym.

    You’ll usually find Nick at the 11:30 class at HQ because he likes the mix of coaches and people. Coaches Espy, Jared, Taylor, Tiff, Nacho, Drew, and Chad all create a fun atmosphere while making sure everyone has a “kick ass workout.” Nick says that his most memorable workouts are usually the most challenging, and that he appreciates how the coaching staff understand his limits, and allow him to work around them. “They want you to get a good workout and better yourself physically and mentally, but they respect and understand you at the same time, it’s a great thing,” says Nick.

    A recent accomplishment Nick is proud of is the one mile run training because he was able to achieve his goal of hitting an under six-minute mile. The great feeling of setting out to do something, working hard, and then accomplishing it is something special to Nick.

    Outside of Koda, Nick likes to spend time with his wife and three children. They love traveling to Montana every year, and disconnecting from all of life’s stressors in the mountains. Nick also enjoys using his Koda fitness to road bike, golf, and play tennis.

    As for future goals, a muscle-up— the holy grail for many CrossFitters — is at the top of Nick’s list. Keep up the dedicated work Nick, and we know you’ll continue to hit goal after goal in your fitness journey. Thank you for being a part of the Koda community.

    -Mireya Garcia