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Oklahoma City, OK 73118

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Norman, OK

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Edmond, OK

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Tulsa, OK

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Lafayette, CO

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  • Pets Policy

    In order to keep your pet and everyone in the building safe, as well as keep our insurance policy current, please follow the following policy in regards to bringing a pet to Koda OKC:

    1) Pets are not allowed to be brought inside the gym unless specific permission is given by a staff member.
    *Animals in the gym, even if trained, may react differently when loud music, dropping barbells and crowds of people are present. Animals may bark, bite, run or change behavior making it unsafe for others in the gym and for themselves.

    2) Pets may not be tied to equipment in the parking lot.
    *Your animals safety is a priority. The parking lot here is busy and safety cannot be guaranteed.

    Failure to adhere to these policies can lead to Koda OKC insurance breaches and complications.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.