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  • Rob Wienecke

    Rob Wienecke is one of those crazy folks who can, and does, get up to workout at 5:00 am.  We are both impressed and excited to celebrate the fact that he’s been doing this with Koda now for four years!  Rob comes from a background of endurance sports, including running, triathlon and biking.  Rob says that he was enticed to give CrossFit a try after reading a book, called The Unbreakable Runner.  The book mentions CrossFit as a supplement to high mileage runs as a way to reduce injury frequency and improve over multiple domains to support endurance sports.

    Rob came into Koda, perhaps unsure of what to expect, for a private session with co-owner Brice Collier.  “It was an eye opener for sure.  I realized there was a lot to learn.”  He has indeed learned a lot, and though there are still milestone movements that he’d like to master, such as the notorious muscle-up, he says he is proud of the strength he’s gained, and is most concerned with holding onto those gains.

    He makes his gains by getting up early and taking care of business first thing in the morning.  You can find him at the 5:00 or 5:30 am classes, after which he’ll go to work, leaving his evenings free to spend time with his family, which he mentions is of especially importance to him.

    When asked how he stays motivated, he cites getting it done early as one contributor. “If I don’t get it done in the morning, it usually doesn’t happen.” Besides that, he credits weekly one-on-one sessions with Brice as a consistent motivator.  “Koda is an impressive organization.  It’s well-run and full of great people.  Koda has been a very positive force in my life.  I appreciate that Brice has been willing to wake up early for our sessions – now for four years!”  Rob, Koda is impressed by your dedication and grateful for your presence as a force in the community.


    -Nick Piche