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  • Ross Stuart

    Sometimes fitness is about putting your head down, getting the work done, and finding drive in whatever place you can. This is true for Koda athlete Ross Stuart who shares, “Anyone in class who knows me knows that my motivation level regarding CrossFit is low to begin with, so the fact that I continue to come in week after week is really a testament to the coaches and cohorts in the 11:30 class. Shawn, Rob, Mini, Nick, Lee, Nikolai, etc. and the coaches are the reason I come back. Also, I think Jared knows the more he talks golf with me the more likely I am to come back, so here I am 4 years later.” And Koda is glad for it, Ross; happy four-year Kodaversary!

    Ross was no stranger to CrossFit before coming to Koda, having begun way back in 2013 while living in Tulsa. He then relocated to OKC for work, and needed to find a new gym. “I remember Brice showing me around and asking me if I wanted to get a punch card and I had already informed him I had joined full-time. He was surprised that I had joined sight unseen, but from what others I knew in Tulsa and OKC had told me, this was an easy decision. Brice almost scared me off though.”

    Ross has always been an athlete. He played baseball in high school and even college. More than competent at any movement, he has even figured out the elusive triple-under, which he points out Coach Drew Hymer can’t do. These days, the focus of his fitness is “to break up [his] day and delay the certainty of a dad-bod a little longer,” and he spends his free time playing golf, and spending time with his wife and 8 month-old daughter. He comes five days a week to the 11:30 class, but keeps weekends and holidays for his family and golf.

    Ross credits the quality and diversity of people at Koda for his longevity as a member. “Koda is so unique because the people there have the ability to fit into all different kinds of lifestyles and personalities… they always find a way to keep me motivated, and also mesh with my personality.” We know Ross has plenty of personality, and we’re glad he chooses to share it with Koda.


    -Nick Piche