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  • Scott Interwicz

    Scott Interwicz may not always know what day of the week it is, but he knows it’s time to work when he steps through Koda’s doors. He has been giving assault bike workout’s at Koda everything he has for the last four years, even though he would rather be doing burpees.

    Scott was a high school athlete, then fell into a predictable routine at the gym. He admits that he thought of CrossFit negatively for a long time, until a girl talked him into giving it a shot. He remembers his first day being rough, but Scott was hooked. That first day was all Olympic lifting and assault bikes, and you can certainly say he gave it his all. “I threw up for about an hour after my first time. I was sore for about a month after. It was very humbling to get that much fitness into a 60min workout,” says Scott.

    The atmosphere and coaching staff keep Scott coming back, and so do the other talented athletes at Koda CrossFit. “I also like working out around other people that are better than I am; (it) helps provide a little bit of motivation to get better,” says Scott.

    In his four years at Koda, Scott says he has become proud of his overall fitness level. He remembers working out a lot before CrossFit, and feeling strong, but not in-shape. Even the idea of running 800m on a treadmill left him winded. Though he entered the CrossFit world with some trepidation, Scott now knows he is a more well-rounded athlete, “complete with strength, flexibility, and endurance.” Not all his accomplishments are as easy to see, but they are life-changing and meaningful. “My resting heart rate before CrossFit was about 85-90 bpm, now it’s closer to 55-60bpm. That to me is a big accomplishment,” says Scott.

    Scott’s dedication to CrossFit and his personal health and fitness becomes clear when you learn he works in an ER in 24 hour shifts. His work schedule is all over the place, but he makes time for that hour that’s just for him. “No matter how long I take off, or gaps between my workouts, Koda is always there to welcome me back and get me going,” says Scott.

    For his fifth year, Scott says he is ready to jump onto the competition floor. He says the level of competition is intimidating at this point, but he is ready for new goals to strive for.

    Scott, thank you for your commitment and hard work. You are a part of what makes Koda a friendly and supportive community of athletes.

    -Mireya Garcia