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  • Shane Laisle

    Shane Laisle. His name brings to mind countless titles of distinction: Player of college football (kickers and punters DO count), Regular of the 6PM class, Wearer of exotic sweat-bands, Marryer of Dara Nordstog, and of course (perhaps most proudly, we’re sure), Four-Year Kodite. On this auspicious anniversary, we’re here to celebrate him, to share a little about Shane, and show why we’re so pleased to have him as a member of the Koda family.

    ​It will surprise no one who has met Shane that he comes from a background of athletics; he certainly looks the part. “I grew up in a household that was all about sports and being competitive. I played just about every sport you could think of growing up as a kid, and when I got to high school I played football, basketball, and soccer. I was lucky enough to earn a scholarship to the University of Rhode Island to play college football.” College athletes are worked hard, toiling unceasingly under squats, cleans, snatches, and deadlifts, sometimes long after the fun has gone from the workouts. After college, Shane decided, as many athletes do, to continue to work out, but also to find a regimen that avoided the movements he had tired of.

    ​“I held true to that and became the typical gym member that would do the same old routine of back and bi’s Monday, chest and tri’s Tuesday, etc. Then after about a month or two I would be burnt out of doing the same thing and would have to take off for an extended period of time.” Another 4+ year Kodite, Justin Terrell had been Shane’s long-time workout partner, and the two moved from gym to gym together until Justin joined Koda. Shane resisted Justin’s urging to try CrossFit at first, but eventually he gave in, and conceded that he would do ONE workout, and that it MUST be the 10AM class so he didn’t have to wake up early. “I don’t remember much about that first class or the exact workout that we did, but I do remember that it had toes‐to‐bar in the workout. Watching the demonstration and seeing others do the movement, I thought that it couldn’t be that difficult… I was probably one of the last ones done with the workout, which was very humbling.” Shane says he was left feeling a little overwhelmed, but definitely intrigued. He decided to give it a month or two, “and four years later, here I am.”
    Shane says there are three things that keep him coming back to Koda. First, he enjoys the variety. “As someone who gets burnt out of doing the same workout over and over, I enjoy so much that the workouts constantly change from week to week.” Second, he enjoys the competition. “I view the WOD’s as a competition against everyone else in class to see who can finish first (as well as a competition to beat my wife in the workout).” Finally and most importantly, Shane cites the relationships he’s built. “I have been able to enjoy Koda parties, lake trips with Koda friends (Thanks Matt McGee & Jason Sumner), weekly golf outings during the summer (still a better golfer than Kyle Kauk), but most importantly through these friendships I was able to meet my wife.”

    Shane wanted to offer these kind words to Koda HQ owners Jared, Mai, and Brice: “You guys have built something special that goes beyond just a business, you’ve built longstanding relationships with your members.” Koda offers its thanks to Shane, who embodies those values that Koda aspires to.

    You help make Koda the place it is, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have you.

    -Nick Piche