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  • Shane Woods

    Shane Woods has participated in sports and outdoor activities most of his life—from the high school days, to a few years playing college baseball. Outside of that, fitness has allowed him to enjoy other aspects of life, like hiking on the weekend, enjoying time with his family, and even shooting sports and archery. As Shane celebrates his four year Kodaversary, he says he had never really enjoyed the day-to-day grind of fitness until CrossFit. 

    His journey to Koda CrossFit is basically a New Year’s Resolution that stuck. He’s been relying on the memory of workouts he did from his days playing sports, but decided CrossFit might be the thing to freshen up his routine.  When he first walked in to Koda he felt welcomed, and liked that the coaches were attentive. “It didn’t have the “big gym” feel at all. It was more tight knit, and really felt like an individual session, but on a team level,” says Shane. 

    You’ll find Shane bouncing between the mid-day and early afternoon classes, and he says that he has found he feels comfortable in each class no matter what coach might be on duty. The coaching staff, good people, and solid programming have kept him coming back, and feeling like he is getting better every class. In his early days at Koda, Shane remembers being impressed by the more experienced athletes as they did the prescribed muscle-ups, snatches, double-unders, and handstand movements. Now, four years in, it feels good to have put in the work to be able to learn those movements in the right way. 

    As for memorable workouts, Shane points to Murph as one that he will never forget, and the feeling he gets during Open season as athletes challenge themselves and work together. The moments he was first pushed out of his comfort zone to try Olympic lifts and gymnastics movements are moments that will always stick with him, too. “Those are exercises that would have never been possible, nor would I have ever felt comfortable with them if there wasn’t incredible coaching at Koda,” says Shane. 

    For his future at Koda, Shane says he would like to participate in the Memorial Marathon, which Koda helps its members train for every year. He’d also like to continue to work on fine tuning his diet because it could help him improve some of the more difficult movements prescribed in workouts. The big goal for the coming year is to practice handstand walking, because he hasn’t yet accomplished it. Practicing is easy when you enjoy coming to the gym every day. “The culture is very welcoming and definitely addicting, because it is very friendly,” says Shane. 

    Thank you for being a part of this friendly Koda community Shane. We’ll be here, ready to help you continue to achieve all of your fitness goals.  


    -Mireya Garcia