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  • Sherrie Jefflo

    Sherrie Jefflo is a multi-talented woman. She is a business owner and mother who makes the time to take care of herself and develop her fitness. Her ability to do it all is admirable. You know Sherrie. She drives a VW bug with a picture of her face on it to promote her business as an insurance agent. If that doesn’t ring any bells, you may know her as the woman who is dancing between squat sets and smiling through the toughest metcons most afternoons, and she is celebrating 4 years with Koda CrossFit.

    In high school Sherrie played basketball and ran track, but eventually decided to become part of the marching band full-time. She led the band her senior year along with the drum majors. She took this talent to college and participated in band there as well. Sherrie maintained her fitness by attending traditional gyms and even took on the challenge of participating in several fitness competitions. She was then ready for something different, and that led her to Koda. To be more precise, it was fellow Koda member Katie Bevers’ thighs that led her to Koda CrossFit.

    “One evening setting up for our annual gymnastics meet, I slapped Katie Bevers on the thighs and was like whoa your thighs are like concrete what are you doing? She said Crossfit at Koda. I looked it up and said I would try it,” says Sherrie.

    She remembers driving by and seeing people running around with balls on their shoulders which she found overly intimidating. Sherrie eventually got over that concern and decided to send an e-mail for more information. Parts of her first workout at Koda are crystal clear, like Chad Hamilton and Ryan Doonkeen coaching the noon class on a snowy day. The workout itself is a little less clear. She remembers there were renegade row and dumbbell thrusters. She didn’t like it.

    One of Sherrie’s most memorable workouts involved hill sprints, and it didn’t go very well. She remembers being unable to finish the workout. On the walk back to the gym, Sherrie had to sit on a curb because she felt ill. That sounds tough, but the memorable part actually came moments later on the street curb. Fellow CrossFitters Jason Littrell and Israel Solis walked by and immediately helped her get back inside. Jason pulled his shirt off, poured water on it and put it on Sherrie’s neck. Then Mai came running around the corner to help. Sherrie knew in that moment that the people at Koda really cared about each other.

    Four years later, Sherrie frequents the 6pm class. She says she likes Jared’s fun approach to fitness and enjoys Coach Espy’s taste in music and barbell tips. She is especially proud of her increase in strength and her ability to do pull-ups. Going from being unable to do a single pull-up to your first strict pull-up can be a long journey, so it was especially exciting to finally get there.

    Sherrie enjoys the variety of athlete levels at Koda. From the newbies to the competitors, everyone can get something out of the same class. Though she doesn’t consider herself a competitor, Sherrie says she enjoys the friendships she has made, and is living up to her one Koda CrossFit goal…. “I am here to look good naked.” Great work Sherrie. You can sure make us blush.

    -Mireya Garcia