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  • Steve Michael

    Steve Michael is an all-around family man. He takes his role as a father and the health of his children very seriously. It was his relationship and care for his children that took him from CrossFit main site workouts at home to now celebrating his four year Kodaversary as a part of the Koda family. He started his fitness journey with basic bodybuilding style weightlifting in high school, and added running into his fitness regimen as he got older.

    It was Steve’s brother who first introduced him to CrossFit, and in 2011, he jumped into those main site workouts. He remembers enjoying the challenge, and soon he realized these workouts had potential to be an activity to bond over with his oldest son. The garage workouts were fun, but Steve realized he and his son needed more of a challenge. Once his son Jake hit his teen years, they signed up with a gym together. Then, Steve soon moved to Koda with friends and fellow members Justin and Alyssa Terrell.

    “We knew we did not need to look anywhere else. This vibe was so different, and we felt right at home.” Despite his experience in weightlifting, Steve was nervous on his first day. He says he enjoyed co-owner Jared Muse’s lighthearted demeanor, and appreciated how well the coaches treated his son. Steve says he
    truly feels the Koda community in and out of the gym and mentioned that co-owner Brice Collier has attended several of Jake’s football games.

    “I think it is the best place on the planet, even better than Disney. Jared, Brice, and the crew have done such a great job building this little empire.”

    One of Steve’s proudest moments at Koda is making it onto the board for his time in the Koda Press and Run. He also fondly remembers the first time he hit big numbers on some of his lifts, like his first time squatting 300 pounds and the first time he stuck a 400-pound deadlift. Though he still struggles with saying
    no to doughnuts and other assorted treats, Steve says Koda’s challenging workouts have kept him in line, and that is especially valuable to him as he ages.

    Four years into Steve’s time with Koda he says his oldest son Jake has surpassed him in “every aspect of fitness,” and that he is now looking forward to his youngest son, Josh, doing the same. Steve views CrossFit as an excellent way for children and adults to learn the importance of health and the development of grit and mental toughness. Thank you, Steve, for believing in Koda and the power of CrossFit beyond the physical. We will continue to enjoy your hard work and humor and can’t wait to welcome another one of your children onto the team.

    -Mireya Garcia