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  • Steven Mason

    Steven began his CrossFit journey while in college on summer break. His brother introduced him to the exercise regimen and when he returned to Norman he came into the new Koda Norman. Four years later, he’s still with us, and we thank him for his trust and dedication on his four-year Kodaversary!

    Steven comes to Koda as many do. He’s a former high school athlete who competed in football and track, who needed an athletic pursuit and way to keep fit after high school, and his success over the past four years shows his progress since what he describes as his days before CrossFit. “I am more proud of how steadily I have progressed and how much more rounded I am physically and mentally compared to when I used to just be a “gym rat”. Nevertheless, we’re going to brag at least a bit on Steven’s Koda accomplishments.

    Since he started with Koda Norman during college, he’s graduated and now works a full-time job. Despite the new time constraints on his training, this past year he competed in Koda’s “First Timer’s Open” where he placed second overall in a tough competition against a strong field. The accomplishment is all the more impressive because of his busy work life. According to Steven, “If I’m working: I wake up at either 1:30 am, or 1:30 pm, depending on whether I’m working day or night shift. Do a crossfit(ish) workout in my apartment gym. Eat and head to the job site for work. Work for 12 hours and then drive home. Go to sleep, rinse, repeat.”

    Despite the constraint of not being able to make it to Koda on workdays, he is diligent to make it in on his days off. “Recently, with my rough work schedule, I have been going to any class that I can make it to. I’ve gone to a couple of 5:30 am classes and met a whole new group of Kodites. I mainly try to go from around 4-6 pm on my days off.”

    He says it’s the community that keeps him coming back. “The community, the coaches, the programming, and the competition…Koda is a community of people from all different walks of life that come together with the goals of self-improvement. The unique thing about Koda is that on top of getting fitter and healthier, members come away happier, with new friendships, and a new community to belong to.

    He spoke to us about Rawson’s Memorial workout last year. “I hung out with him quite a bit in the gym when I was still in Norman, and when I heard he passed, it hit pretty hard. The memorial workout was a good way to remember him and come together to support each other.” Steven always keeps what’s truly important in perspective, and for that, we thank him and celebrate him. Steven is one of the Kodites who really helps us and our members remember why we come here each week, and he helps make Koda a community, rather than simply a gym.

    -Nick Piche