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  • Taylor Sohrwide

    A life time of classical dance training turns into mornings at the squat rack. Life is funny sometimes, and that is not lost on KodaAthlete Taylor Sohrwide. She looks back on her 15 years of ballet and tap dancing as a girl and says she doesn’t consider herself athletic, but she is now celebrating her four year Kodaversary. Taylor is a nurse who frequents the 9:15am and noon classes.

    In college she jogged as her main type of fitness. Back then, if she walked into a gym, she would wander around saying to herself that she could probably use this or that machine available on the gym floor. She had never touched a barbell until she came to Koda, and says she very seriously believed barbells were only used for bench press. The experience of her first lesson with a barbell was life changing.

    “It was fun. I liked that I came and did things that I would never think to do, or have the courage to try to do on my own.”Crossfit has made Taylor more effective in her job as a nurse. She is regularly helping the injured or sick move on and off beds and needs to be ever-ready in the event of an emergency. Crossfit has allowed her to do her job with more ease,and her co-workers have noticed her fitter appearance and her increased level of energy.

    One of Taylor’s most memorable first workouts is Filthy Fifty. She remembers almost falling off the curb after class on the way to her car because her legs felt wobbly after giving that workout every ounce of effort she could give. She recalls being incredibly sore for several of the following days, but she was never sorry she had worked so hard.

    “After you do something like that, you are very proud of yourself.” Her favorite lift is the power clean because something about the precision and grace of the Olympic lifts reminds her of dance. Taylor has been dealing with a hip injury and had to take some time off from Crossfit, but after starting physical therapy, Taylor was able to return to Koda. She is excited to be working out with her community again, and says she is focusing on mobility to make sure her hip does not get hurt again. She says she appreciates that Koda is able
    to modify and scale movements to make sure she remains safe while enjoying getting fitter, and de-stressing.

    Koda has been more than a place for Taylor to build her physical fitness. It is a place she has built a very important relationship. Adam Snapp is Taylor’s fiancé, and though they didn’t meet at Koda, it definitely played a role in their early relationship. The pair was set up on a blind date, and during their first date they discovered that both of them were Koda athletes. It just happened that Adam frequents the afternoon classes, so he and Taylor had not cross paths. “I don’t feel like I have been coming here for four years. It really is weird for me because I feel like this hasn’t gotten old.”

    Taylor is still working on pull-ups and double unders, and says she hopes to be able to devote more time to working on these movements now that she is done with her studies. She enjoys a good workout as much as the next Koda athlete, but says her favorite thing about Koda is how uplifting and encouraging the classes are. Koda is the place where Taylor grew to love the sport of fitness, so why mess with a good thing. She says she is here to stay!

    -Mireya Garcia